Stainless Steel Cooktop

  • With Glen cooktops you simply get the widest range of models to choose from. Spacious designs with two, three, four or five cooking zones. A choice of burners triple ring, high flame, sealed, aluminium alloy or conventional. Multiplicity of size; 60, 70 or 90 cms; available in traditional square or modern round shape. How easy to choose the right one for your kitchen.
  • High Flame Burner
  • The burner from the professional cooktops. The high flame, high energy burner for faster and more efficient cooking.
  • Sturdy Pan Supports
  • Strong and sturdy 4 mm thick pan supports which easily accommodate large and heavy vessels.
  • Auto ignition Option
  • Just turn the knob and press the ignition button and up comes the blue flame. Matchsticks and lighters are now not a part of the kitchen. Cooktops from Glen come with multi spark battery operated auto-ignition.
  • Triple Ring Burner
  • The burner with three perfect rings of blue flame. A high energy burner specially designed for the Indian deep frying. It also cooks faster and helps make perfect chapattis. With higher efficiency it saves expensive fuel too!