Healthy, oil free steam cooking

  • Food cooked with steam retains far higher level of nutrients, vitamins and minerals than by any other method. Steam cooking reduces Vitamin C in vegetables by 40% whereas boiling reduces it by 70%. Moreover no additional fat is required for cooking, this helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. The Glen steam cooker Vita Plus with it's most sleek design, compact storage, food grade plastic, online water addition and numerous other advanced features is simply the best choice for modern healthy cooking.
  • Ultra Compact Storage
  • A compact storage houses all the accessories conveniently which uses a minimum shelf space.
  • 60 Minute Timer with Alarm
  • 60 minute setting timer to set time accordingly food element and to inform you about timing has a Alarm feature.
  • Online water filling
  • This Cooker allow to the user online water filling function so no need to switch off machine when you want to add more water.
  • Slot for holding egg
  • Special slot for holding egg, so putting & holding egg is too easy and convenient.