10 reasons for buying an Air purifier

Air purifiers are meant to bring in all the healthy air and get rid of the filthy and dirty air. Pollution today has had a terrible effect on the livesof human being turning the atmosphere crude and filled with impurities. It is then that air purifiers have been invented in order to make it easier for humans to be assured of clean air especially in the interiors and inhale the freshest and cleanest air. Glen India, one of the well-known manufacturing companies in India that produces some of the best home appliances has its own range of Glen Air purifiers that work wonders for the human health. It has an amazing purification system instilled with a 5 step formula that purifies the air effectively and also looks good in the room with its sleek and futuristic design. Apart from that Glen Purifiers come with a built-in ionizer that emits millions of negative ions which in turn promotes the elimination of pollutants and allergens. Let us check out the 10 top reasons why one should have an air purifier at home.

  1. You have allergies

Air purifiers are the best weapons that can deal with the impurities and dust particles lurking around causing allergies. With the true HEPA technology it can get rid of air impurities upto 99.97%.

  1. You live in a closed space

The walls that save us from the outer atmosphere also trap a lot of chemicals, gases and other impure particles. It is only through air purifier that they can be gotten rid of.

  1. You have infants or a pregnant woman at home

A newborn or the growing foetus is easily prone to toxic substances; hence they must be kept most carefully and away from any harmful elements.

  1. You live in an industrial area

Factory emissions and traffic causes the emission of a huge amount of dangerous particles. Constant inhalation of these causes fatal damage to the lungs. In order to prevent that, air purifier needs to be kept within the household that sucks in all of the impurities preventing any kind of health hazard.

  1. You have respiratory problems

Respiratory problems or breathing problems, also popularly known as asthma is a very common problem today. The main reason of this is the increasing pollution of the atmosphere. Once one enters the interior of the household, he/ she must be able to inhale pure air in order to allow smooth circulation of air in the body.

  1. You have members aged above 60 at home

As the body ages, it is more prone to diseases and that is why it is very important to provide healthy and hygienic environment to aged people who are above 60 years of age.

  1. You have a garden or an extensive lawn

Lawns and gardens are the breeding ground for spores and other particles that easily pollute the air and causes asthma or other allergies. Hence, air purifier is very important then.

  1. You are victim to second-hand smoke

If there is any smoker at home, then other members must not suffer at his/her cost. Even smoke entering from outside can be completely nullified with the help of air purifier.

  1. When you have renovations or constructions

A very chaotic affair, renovations result in causing of too much air pollution. The walls, floors, ceilings and other parts of the house which are being constructed or destructed emit these particles causing damage to the health.

  1. To prevent odour problems

Often bad odour is a problem in the household owing to external garbage or internal such as cooking pungent smelling food. In such instances, air purifiers come to the rescue by eliminating the entire odour and making the air clean and pure yet again.

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