Glass Cooktops

Glass Cooktops

Cooking top is an irreplaceable kitchen appliance. LPG has been used since decades in the Indian kitchen. Glen India brings you designer cooktops, which let you use LPG with maximum efficiency. Equipped with toughened glass, these high quality cooktops are a culinary and visual delight.

Rich matt steel and tempered black glass
8 mm thick toughened glass top, a matt steel frame offers a freedom never experienced before. The glass cooktop is easy to clean and resistant to scratches, stains and heat. The Stainless Steel frame provides a rust proof experience for a longer life.

Alloy burners
Pressure die-cast, ultra light burners increase the longevity of the cooktop. The holes in the burner rim are designed at a special angle for higher thermal efficiency. Moreover the burners come with five-year warranty.

Freedom of Space
To ensure liberty in hand movements while cooking, the glass cooktop is designed to be extra spacious. With its ability to accommodate different sized vessels and pans, it is the cooktop with widest space between burners. The burners are integrated to offer the most convenient burner access.

Auto Ignition option
Glen cooktops come with multi-spark battery operated auto-ignition option, so that you don’t have to search for a lighter every time you cook.



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