A Healthy Breakfast Table from Glen

Make your mornings good and healthy, as now you cannot resist the delicious breakfast options prepared with Glen Appliances. Serve your family an ideal health filled delicacy on the breakfast table every day. Glen happily introduces appliances to your kitchen, which will help you to embrace each day with a nutritious start. Here is your fit kit list:

Glass Kettle

Brew, Smell, Slurp the healthier green tea, filtered rich in fine taste and aroma. Make a perfect cup of Green Tea every day in Glen Glass Kettle 9010. This stylish electric Kettle has a transparent glass that allows you to look at the color of tea and decide the perfect brew point. You can make tea and serve it after by using it as a glass kettle. The modern looks make it match your expensive tea sets and enhance the look of your Breakfast table. The biggest advantage is that you boil the water in Glass which doesn’t react like other plastic kettles do and is most hygienic.

Bread Maker

A daily must have for a healthy fresh breakfast. Now have the luxury of homemade brown, wheat, multigrain bread of your choice and that too absolutely fresh. Glen Bread Maker GL 3034 is very easy to handle and has a fully automatic kneading and baking operation that helps preparing bread, you may set it in the night before sleeping, to start it in night and finish the bread in good time for breakfast to give you homemade oven fresh bread in the morning. It can also prepare fruit cake, garlic bread or jams without any extra hassles. Introduce your healthy breakfast table a wonderful experience of bakery’s fresh breads, cakes and jams, made from your health kitchen and serve your loved ones a delightful and healthy breakfast every day with Glen Bread Maker.

Multi-Snack Maker

Try sumptuous sandwiches, waffles with the freshly baked bread in our Multi-SnackMaker 3027 DX. The automatic operation makes it easy to prepare the sandwiches in minutes. Bring wholesome goodness to your breakfast table, with homemade nutritious chicken salami or high on herbs vegetable sandwiches, made quick and easy.

Egg Master

Add a surprise to your breakfast table with Egg Master Magic. For all the egg lovers Glen presents Egg master 3036 an innovative product for adding a new bent to our usual egg recipes. Switch on the Egg Master, just apply a little oil on inside walls, crack 1 or 2 eggs and directly pour in the non-stick chamber, and watch the egg pop up in the shape of a roll, perfectly cooked. It is portable and can be placed directly on the breakfast table. You can cook and serve right at the breakfast table and enjoy the happy eating time with family as well.

I Blender

Health protein drinks, smoothies, shakes for all the personal need, I Blender is a perfect one touch solution. Just blend and go, it is as easy as it sounds. The fine blending lets you enjoy the tasty strawberry smoothies, banana shake, protein shakes every day. The blend, carry and sip bottle, is easy to take away as you can carry your health drink easy for office or gym. You can simply pack the same along with your kid’s lunchbox, so that they do not miss their favorite shakes while off to school or they are playing. Start fresh, start healthy, and just blend your lifestyle the right way with Glen I Blender 4047.

So, complete your healthy mornings with a Glen Health Breakfast table and introduce your lifestyle a new smarter way of cooking.

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