Advantages of A dishwasher

Advantages of A dishwasher1

All of us in India feel that Dishwasher as a product has not much use in India as the domestic help is available cheap and instead of cleaning the leftover food in the plates and then placing the plates and dishes in the dishwasher is more of a hassle then advantage. The reality is somewhat different. The best part of a dishwasher is that it gives you dishes free of any bacteria and viruses and the reason behind that is as Dishwashers wash the dishes at much higher temperature which a domestic help or we ourselves can’t handle that hot water. So more than the convenience it is the hygienic angle which speaks itself for the need of a dishwasher.

A dishwasher is an appliance wherein you put in all of the utensils and dishes and it does the entire work by itself by rinsing off all the oil and grime and making your utensils spot-free and sparkling. It gives you sparkling glassware with no threat of it chipping or breaking while washing which normally one fears while getting washed from a maid. Glen has introduced a range of Dishwashers Free Standing and Built-in Dishwasher in 12 and 14 settings with most advanced features. These are energy efficient, conserve less water, and have many features like Delay Start, A Third Layer Cutlery Basket, Half Load, Height adjustable upper basket, Child Lock, Auto Wash, Zone Wash (Alternative Wash), Intensive, Normal and Eco programme. You can select the wash as per your need.

In most modern kitchens a Built-in-Dishwasher is planned for the reasons that its convenient to use and frees the counter space looks elegant and give the sparkling clean crockery all the time.Let us check the benefits and advantages of having a good quality dishwasher at your service.

  • A dishwasher is highly efficient and eco-friendly. Research work on the appliance has shown that dishwasher uses only one third of the water that is used by hand washing. This is indeed an incredible piece of data for every household that uses so much of water and energy into washing the dishes is nothing but wastage of energy and resources. If using a dishwasher can save so much of water, then it is definitely the best method to adopt in a household.
  • Dishwasher also provides for the clearance of the kitchen clutter. Often the dishes remain strayed in the basin, making way for bad odour and even unhygienic consequences. However, with a dishwasher, all you have to do is stack those dishes away into the machine and relax while it politely handles the rest of your work.
  • Dishwasher, no doubt gets your dishes much cleaner that the manual hand wash. With such advanced technology and engineering, dishwashers have been induced with the power to clean dishes without fail and give exceptional results to the users.

Glen India, an Indian kitchen appliance manufacturing company has a range of quality dishwashers that not only tackle powerful food stains and soot on the dishes, but also gives efficiency saving water and energy. The dishwashers are designed with the most compact size possible for easy fitting and space management in the regular Indian kitchen.

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