Advantages of induction cooking

Induction cooking is not a new phenomenon and is now being used for over 15 years in India. We have been using Induction cooking as a substitute to the LPG when we run out of gas. In this blog, we have mentioned some distinct advantages of induction cooking. And surely if taken into account, you may like to use this much more.

Induction cooking comes with the power to revolutionize your cooking experience. It comes with precise control, total safety, energy efficient and ease of cleanup. And yes, don’t neglect the factor of mobility. Except for built-in induction hobs, the portable induction cookers can be placed anywhere as per requirement.

Advantages of Induction Cooking

Instant Heat: Induction cooking works on magnetic fields where the heat is transferred directly to the pan and the food being cooked so its very energy efficient as there is no wastage of the heat as happens in the conventional cooking mediums. As there is no loss of heat the environment doesn’t get heated.

Consistent Results: the induction cooktops give you the freedom to control the temperature more precisely than gas or electric. Hence it helps in delivering consistent results without the risks of under or overcooking food.

No heat wastage: When using an induction cooker, only the surface where the vessel is placed gets the necessary amount of heat and not the whole surface. In fact, this type of cooking technique is more efficient than both electric and gas.

Safety: induction cooking is considered the safest way to cook food. With the features like auto cut off and child safety, Glen Induction cookers are often recommended by experts. As soon as the pan is taken off the induction surface, the unit will automatically get switched off.

Cleaning: Its very easy to clean the Induction cooktop, just wipe it clean after the cooking is over.

Shape & Size: the portable induction cookers take up less space and are also easy to maintain. There are some super slim models offered by Glen that have a minimum weight. Even the built-in induction hobs blend well with the interiors of a modern kitchen.

In case if you need further information and guidance on buying the right induction cooker suiting your necessities, then feel free to get in touch with us via our Helpline 9266655555 for better assistance.

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