An Ultimate product for someone looking to buy A Free Standing Hob

If there is one product without which every kitchen is incomplete then it is indeed a Gas Stove/Cooktop/Hob that we all use in our kitchens with different designs and styles. As this being one of the most basic appliance for the kitchen it should be chosen very smartly keeping in mind features that make the user carefree and comfortable while cooking. Safety and convenience are to be in perfect harmony for hobs in every kitchen and if something that has all these qualities then that’s a perfect fit for the kitchen.

Looking into all the above qualities Glen India has launched a range of Free Standing Hobs which are fitted with Forged Brass Burners with 5 times more strength, Italian Gas Valves, A reinforced Toughened 8.0 mm thick Glass, 4.0mm thick enameled pan supports, Rust proof Stainless Steel Frame and big size with ample space to fit big utensils to use all the available burners simultaneously for efficientcooking.

To top it all the above these hobs carry a 2 year warranty on the product and a 5 year warranty on the Forged Brass Burners, the Toughened Glass. These comes in 3 & 4 burner configurations with and without multi-spark auto ignition system. One can choose from the 4 models as per choice. The product has been finished in Black & White to keep it very simple and elegant.
All the above features make these hobs the best available in the market, one needs to see the same to believe it. Glen Free Standing Hob has not only added to the convenience in cooking but is also very stylish to look at or to keep at your home as compared to the old regular hobs,” says elated Akanksha Singh, a homemaker from Noida.

“Free standing hobs are more compatible with modern day kitchens as they add to both look and ease of the kitchen,” tells Pooja Rathore from Delhi. It is not the view of only Pooja or Akanksha but of all the women who wish to have an easier experience of cooking, giving kitchen a nicer look.

The fact behind it is that Free Standing Hobs come with such features that they have become need of every kitchen in this modern era. Glen India also, in the wake of giving every possible comfort to the ladies who work in kitchen, has brought Free Standing Hobs with features like never before.

As safety comes before anything else for all of us, Glen has given top priority to that as these hobs have high precision Italian gas valves ensuring complete safety with perfect flame control. With such great element and feature, gas leakage becomes impossible and any threat, a thing of past.

In an age which is very focused on looks and beautification, Glen also doesn’t need its users to stay behind and has made this exceptional product in such a way that it makes your kitchen pride of your home. So don’t procrastinate buying this paragon of easy and comfortable cooking- Free Standing Hobs by Glen and enjoy the ease of cooking experiencing a perfect example of cookery at your sweet home.

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