Another milestone in our journey – Built in hobs and cooktops with FFD

World over there is a lot of importance given to safety and in many countries its mandatory to sell LPG Stoves only with Flame Failure Devices (in short called FFD). As the technology is still expensive and will take time to be applicable to masses in India it’s still time for this to be implemented.

As Glen has always been instrumental in introducing newer features, this time it has launched a range of Built in Hobs and Cooktops with Flame Failure Devices.

For over two decades, Glen has been manufacturing a wide range of cooking appliances including gas stoves and built in hobs to suit every kitchen and requirement of customers.

Keeping the safety aspect in mind and the requirement from the discerning customers Glen now launches Hobs and Cooktops with FFD.

So, what exactly is FFD?

As the name suggests, a Flame Failure Device is which prevents the LPG to leak once the flame gets extinguished to avoid any accident. The Italian Safety gas valves come with a thermocouple which is fitted near the burner. Once we ignite the burner and hold it for around 8 seconds the thermocouple activates the gas valve and now the customer can leave the knob. In case the customer leaves the knob before 7-8 seconds then the flame will switch off automatically. Once the FFD is activated and the flame get extinguished while cooking the thermocouple cools down and with 15-20 seconds the gas supply is cut off thus preventing any accident.

There are a variety of options in Glen for Hobs and Cook top with FFD for details visit or call 9266655555

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