Beat the Heat wih Amazing Smoothies

With the sun blazing higher with every passing day and the temperature rising to a level so as to give us a headache along with constant sweat, the body does crave for some cool drinks. This summer, get ready to make some smoothies at home instead of paying elsewhere and satiating your thirsty soul. Glen India brings to you some great blender grinders that not only keep the nutrition of the fruits and vegetables intact but also gives you a delicacy that’s irresistible. Let us take you into the repository of Glen India that has been manufacturing kitchen appliances with the most advanced technologies to deliver the best of efficiency to its customers. Glen India will wipe off your sweat this summer and give your health, the juice and nutrients it truly deserves.

Glen has a collection of blender grinders that reaches out to different needs and requirements for each customer. GL 4045 B is one of the blenders of Glen India that is super quick and makes instant shakes. It is imbibed with fruit filter in order to make the smoothie into what its name actually means! The GL 4045 B is a small compact size with a capacity of 500 ml and is especially made to help you make smoothies without much haphazard and an easy cleaning process quickly and efficiently. The food grade transparent jar provided with it makes it easier for you to check the consistency level of the smoothies allowing you to keep it as you want.

GL 4045 BG is another model by Glen India that has a grinder in addition to the blender. The blender is sized at 500 ml whereas the grinder is sized at 30 g. You can make instant shakes with these blenders and also make smoothies. GL 4048 is the multi featured model that provides you with 2 years warranty and unbreakable food grade jars. This blender is highly compact, super quick and of course multi-purpose.

Smoothies are a must in the summers and with Glen India it turns out to be an even easier job. The common ingredients you require to make a smoothie are ice, yoghurt, milk and honey or sugar. Let us discuss a few smoothie recipes for you to make, the coming summer.

  • Banana Smoothie

Mix 2 bananas, half cup yoghurt, milk, a pinch of cinnamon to taste, a cup of ice with 2 teaspoons of honey in the blender and the smoothie is done.

  • Banana & strawberry Smoothie

Take a cup of strawberries, 1 banana, pinch of cinnamon to taste, a cup of ice with 2 teaspoons of honey in the blender and your smoothie is ready.Just like the above you can take any of your favourite fruits like raspberry, orange, mango, melon, grapes and others and mix it with the rest of the content and prepare smoothies for yourself and your family.

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