Breathe clean & stay healthy this Diwali

All the decorations are done! Every corner of home is cleaned! But wait, have you cleaned the air you breathe inside your home?

We bet not! That’s the most important thing that you have missed!

While most of us give a lot of attention to the outdoor pollution, we hardly pay a second thought to the quality of indoor air that we breathe. We spend thousands in changing the air filters in our cars, which we change every 3-5 years, to save the engine, but ignore to safeguards our lungs which we get once a lifetime.

With the on setting of the winters, the pollution levels have already started rising and to safeguard your family from all these Air purifiers are the need of the hour. Every year, the air quality in this time of the year reaches an alarming level due to the excessive smog (smoke + fog). The extremely high levels of pollutants lead to a number of respiratory problems among people of all ages.

Investing in the good health of your family is very important. Glen air purifiers are specially designed to bring clean & healthy air to all interiors. These improve the quality of air, keeping the dust, bacteria, and allergies away. They purify the air effectively with unique 5 star purification process.

The advanced features like air quality indicator, filter replacement indicator, auto mode, and convenient portability and much more, Glen air purifiers add style and glamour to the interiors.

Have a look at some features that make Glen Air purifiers the best asset for the health of your family:

5 Step Air purification: The air purifiers have 5 step air purification system that includes the following –

  • Micromesh pre-filter
  • Cold catalyst filter
  • Activated carbon
  • True HEPA
  • Built in ionizer

Air quality indication: The color of the light indicator changes with the quality of air inside the room. It illuminates automatically when the appliance is turned on. The Glen Air purifier 6031 determines the AQ lights in the smartest way.

Filter replacement indicator: Once the filter gets choked the air purifier indicates the time for its cleaning & replacement.

Auto mode: The built in air quality sensor measures the ambient air quality & selects the most appropriate speed setting to guarantee the best air quality.

Night mode: The appliance works in harmony with its surroundings, when the lights are turned off, the air purifier switches to the night mode. The Glen Air purifier 6032 works silently without disturbing you.

No Cost EMI: You can also buy the Air Purifiers at no cost EMI with the EMI starting at as low as Rs. 2069 per month.

With Glen air purifiers you get the flexibility of usage and there is almost no power consumption. So choosing good health is very easy! For further information about Glen Air purifiers, you can directly ring on 7290082605 or shop online at


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