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The changing lifestyles, the hectic schedules and the unhealthy eating patterns have driven us towards various health concerns. In the pursuit of finding that fitness we are often starving ourselves or spending a handsome amount on our gyms. But if considered seriously, we are still unable to find that inner health. And if you have tried everything, just change a bit of eating patterns, as the road to a healthy body starts from what you eat.

Intelligent eating is something we all must get introduced to. Discover a new healthy you by eating at regular intervals, in small portion and with righteous cooked meal. Diet or crash diet is becoming a rage amongst youngsters. In awe of looking fabulous, fitting into those skinny clothes, we have been trying all the hook and crook methods. Often we spot those slender bodies, which might fit best in their clothes but are actually not fit inside. Starving makes one deprived of the nutrients that body require. Easily we are pushing ourselves to various lifestyle oriented problems like diabetes, fatigue, low immunity etc. You must be acquainted with a bunch of your friends, who often indulge into binge eating in all the parties. Watching them not eat, we also often restrict ourselves from having those delightful savouries. Will it not be wonderful that all these we could enjoy at home, without any tension of that added oil or extra calories? Obviously this sounds like an impossible wish, but not now since a lot of companies are introducing appliances which endorse oil free cooking. Herein is an easy healthy eating plan, which one can introduce in their lives with the help of some smart appliances.

Start your day with fresh fruits and vegetable juices. Why not try a bottlegourd (gheeya) juice or Bittergourd (karela) juice, add a pinch of lemon and salt to it and give your mornings a healthy start. Both these juices help you control diabetes, cholesterol, BP and also helps in weight reduction.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And if you were missing it because of the time constraints, prepare morning dosas, eggs, toast etc in minutes and oil free. Add grilled chicken pieces to your breakfast with a slight barbeque dressing. Also party carefree, as you can now grill and barbeque your favourite recipes with less or no oil as well on a glass grill.

Do you know what keeps the JAPANESE fit and healthy? It is their habit of eating steamed food. One of the most important benefits of steamed food is that it being a slow process of cooking over high temperature sterilized food and kills all the microbes and germs present in the food items. Food items that are steamed have their taste intact and can be enjoyed at their best. Moreover, some foods taste best when steamed. One of the chief benefits of steam food is the ease and simplicity with which it can be prepared. Steaming do not call for time consuming frying and fancy dressing.

Never miss your favourite snacks in evening, enjoy all of them and still not worry about adding those extra calories. As now the technology helps you make French fries, chicken, vegetarian patties for burgers stuffing, potato wedges, and roasted chicken simply by air frying not deep frying. Without adding any further oil, one can relish all the oil free snacks and party every day. So now you can munch the tasty bites anytime home and without adding any weight hassles.

Try and replace that white bread from market to homemade brown bread and multigrain breads. These are rich in fibre and gives strength as well. Make fresh, chemical free breads home with bread maker and take a healthy step towards your diet regime.

Brown bread sandwiches, vegetable sandwiches these all are perfect snacks replacements and often increase the metabolism. Make them easy and try new recipes in sandwich makers.

You can end your day by having sumptuous and oil free tandoori food all cooked and served perfectly in an electric tandoor. Not to forget paneer is also a good substitute for protein diet and also paneer tikka is everyone’s favourite snacking.

These simple preparations and adjustments in our daily diet plan can help us move towards a healthier us rather than leaner we. The idea is to eat smaller portions and at regular intervals, also eating oil free and healthy and fresh food daily. It is easier to obtain by adding some of the smart appliances available in market, and surely a less tiring way of keeping ourselves fit. Remember a healthy mind stays in a healthy body, so for a healthy thought eat wise and fresh.

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