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Be it a brand new kitchen or a renovated kitchen or an old one, if you plan to buy a new cooktop it definitely is always a daunting experience. Gone are the days when you had to choose from just a couple of options for a cooktop for you are likely to come across so many options to choose from which is overwhelming for all of its qualities and efficiencies you get to learn about. Apart from the variations of being an electric cooktop and a gas cooktop, you will be inundated with the varied amount of qualities from which you need to select for the best, for your best. Let us discuss the major considerations you’d want to envisage while buying a cooktop.

• Consider the durability

It is always best to consider your options depending upon the make of the cooktop. A cooktop is one of the few items in a household that has maximum usage and in an incessant manner. Hence, when the time of decision making arrives, one must always consider the quality of the cook top and its capability to take up the pressure of its optimum usage. Glen cooktops are made of matt steel frame and glass top which is 8 mm. thick and is resistant to scratches, heat and stains. The models are also available in complete stainless steel finish for durability. Also, it has an anti-rust frame that accounts for longer durability.

• Burner quality

It is the burner of the cooktop that takes up the load of its usage, hence the burner needs to be re-checked and triple checked so as not to face any troubles in future. Before buying a cooktop, one must have some knowledge about the best burner make for cooktops. Alloy burners are considered to be most long-lasting, safe and strong in terms of its constant burning. Glen cooktops have been imbibed with alloy burners which are specially designed and placed at angles that provide higher thermal efficiency.

• Measure the space between 2 burners

It is one of the most important tips to consider the fact that the space between the burners need to be reasonable so as to place the cookware firmly on top. There are many cases although one buys a three burner cook top but due to the constraint of space all the three burners cant be used simultaneously. Glen has launched a 3 burner Cooktop which has 300 MM as the distance between the 2 burners thus one can use three pans of 28 CM together easily. The team of Glen has given special focus to this factor and integrated the burners such that they have the most convenient access to the burners for easy hand movements and vessel placements.

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