Cute, Space Saver, Glen Mini Fryer 3045

Bigger the better, Right? Well, you need to change this generalization now! The time has gone where the philosophy of bigger always seemed to be better. Because even the smaller or to be precise ‘compact’, can work wonders.







The vast majority of us hesitate to try our hands on the new kitchen appliances as they take up more space in the kitchen. This can be fairly true for the air fryers as well, which despite being quite useful, need quite a space. The compact Mini Fryer 3045 from Glen has a slimmer & smaller size so it can be accommodated easily. Just imagine a tiny convection oven which can fry, grill, roast & even bake various foods by circulating hot air.


Since Glen Mini Fryer 3045 is compact, it heats up quickly and speeds up the cooking so you can get your food prepared instantly. Having the capacity of 2 liters, it can perform fast and efficient frying with the same taste and texture like conventional deep fryers. Equipped with vapor steam and a 30-minute timer with end of cycle alarm, this Mini fryer also saves on electricity consumption as it consumes 800 watt.


If you are still in a fix that this mini fryer will fall short in terms in performance then compare it with Glen Rapid Fryer 3043 which has 3.2 liter capacity and consumes 1350W power.

So look for your requirement and choose accordingly the Cute mini Fryer 3045 or the Rapid Fryer 3043 and eat the fried food minus the guilt.


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  • Rishi arora

    i need air frier of ur esteemed company

    • admin

      Thank you for showing interest in our Products. Please share your complete contact details along with location for better assistance.

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