Delhi Pollution-Gear up to fight away this fastest growing danger!

Pollution is turning out to be one of the major concerns for the government since the recent toxic incidents that have taken place. Plans and strategies have been worked on in order to eliminate this disease that has been causing a lot of hazard to the surroundings. In India, Delhi tops the list of the most polluted cities and the recent smog attack has left people awestruck and definitely worried. The AQI limit has surpassed the danger limit declaring the pollution level to be more than severe. PM2.5 crossing mark 900 at some places is 15 times above the safety limit, that itself is something contemplating about. Delhi pollution has had such hazardous health issues that it became imperative to close down schools and offices in order to protect the people from deadly repercussions.
However, considering the impending threat that has left thousands with decayed lungs, it has become very important to gear up and fight against pollution. As per National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), life expectancy has dropped by 6.4 years due to the increasing level of pollution. Air purifier has come up as a boon today, when there seems to be no way we can shield ourselves from the pollutants. Glen India, a Delhi based company has come up with some terrific purifiers that has been instilled with the best technology and a guarantee of eliminating micron particles below .3 micron diameter by 99.97%. The technology used for carrying out the process is the true HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) technology and works miracles indoors. With a 5 step purification system, Glen India air purifiers cater to providing its users germ, dust, micro-organism free air to breathe in. Glen India has brought in a team of experts who are skilled in their areas and with the intention of delivering top quality air purifiers to the consumers, have manufactured them with the best of features. It has an air quality indication system that signals about the quality of the air around allowing itself to cleanse it accordingly. The filter replacement indicator is a bonus feature that helps in enhancing the operational quality of the appliance. Night mode on the other hand helps in saving energy by switching to a minimalistic usage mode.
Pollution cannot be eradicated, but it can definitely be decreased and the best way to do that is to use air purifiers. Though there are various brands available in the market, yet it is very important to get a genuine product for the technology has to be an upgraded and the best one to deal with the minute germs and micro-organisms. Be it Delhi pollution or pollution in other place: it is time to give our lungs the oxygen it cries for.

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