Enjoy effortless ironing with Glen 8029 Steam Iron

Everyone likes to wear smart wrinkle-free clothes. But getting those perfectly ironed clothes requires quite some effort. However, if you have the right steam iron, the efforts can be cut down.

Glen presents Steam Iron 8029 that offers trouble free maintenance for lasting steam power with the best glide for quick ironing. This stylish steam iron features a light-weight design with beautiful color combination.

This 1800W steam iron is extremely powerful and comes with an array of features to make ironing an enjoyable task.

Special features of Glen steam iron:

Steam rate: Glen 8029 boasts of a high steam rate of 35 g/min which ensures quick removal of wrinkles from clothes. It also features a non-stick soleplate with steam vents for a greater steam output, resulting in better glide ability.

Front jet of steam: To eliminate tough creases from different angles of clothes and to steam press hanging garments, the front jet of steam is a useful feature.

Vertical ironing: With this feature you can iron fabrics like curtains with steam to remove wrinkles.

Spray function: As per the requirement, you can use its spray function to moisten the dry clothes for convenient ironing. With spray, you can easily remove the tough wrinkles.

Bigger tank capacity: A bigger tank capacity of 300 ml, allows continuous ironing and gives you freedom from refilling the tank frequently.

Anti-drip feature: The iron is equipped with anti-drip feature which ensures drop free ironing.

Self-cleaning function: Glen steam iron 8029 has self-cleaning function that cleans the steam vents of minerals that build up due to impurities of water.

Other than the above mentioned features, this iron can be used for dry ironing without filling in water and also allows convenient glide with a flexible 360 degree swivel cord.

So, bring this phenomenal companion that lets you do ironing quickly, while you spend some extra time doing other chores.

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  • Nilesh bhople

    Need to know exchange scheme for gas stoves. I am looking for 2 burner gas stove.

    • admin

      Thank you for showing interest in our products! Kindly share your contact details for better assistance.

  • Karthikeyan M

    I am using 4 burner butterfly gas stove. I willing exchange that item. I’ll buy new glen 4 burner. What can I do?

    • admin

      Kindly share your contact details.

  • Isha

    Hi I want to exchange my sunflame 4 burner glass top with a 4 burner hob…

    • admin

      Kindly share your contact details.

  • Sowmyalatha alva

    I want to buy Glen 1063 SQ glass 3 burner auto built in hob double brass burner in exchange of old two stoves

    • admin

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