Enjoy Fried Food Guilt-Free with Glen Digital Air Fryer

Making French fries, chicken, frozen foods and many more fried dishes in a healthy way is now possible with Glen Digital Fryer.

Glen has launched another innovative & health friendly product for better living! It is digital fryer 3047, with capacity of 5.5 liter. It can make all the favorite fried foods with up to 80% oil free. The air frying mechanism uses Rapid Hot Air Technology to make delicious dishes in minutes. This circulated air around the ingredients in the Air fryer, heats them up thereby resulting in food which is crispy outside and tender inside. Unlike the conventional deep fryers which use high quantity of oil to heat the food and make it crispy, the air fryer uses less or no oil to prepare food.

The Glen digital fryer wears a cool gizmo look, which is voguish enough to match up the alluring finish of your modern kitchen. This appliance comes in black color with a large viewing window and digital controls with a LED display to keep a track of timing and temperature control. The basket inside the air fryer can be used for baking, grilling and roasting foods as well.

The fryer is mindfully designed to fit on kitchen countertops, allowing easy storage and secure handling. The detachable frying basket has been coated in a high-quality non-stick material to make cleaning simple and hassle free.

Highlights of Digital Fryer 3047:

Healthier way to fry: The air frying technology fries foods to crunchy, golden brown perfection with little to no oil needed, reducing fat by up to 80%.

8 Precooking functions: 8 smart presets menus (chicken, sweet potato, French chips, toast, preheat, reheat, defrost, fruit drying) allows quick operation in single touch.

Digital Controls: The fryer comes with user-friendly digital control panel with adjustable time and temperature knob for desired settings.

Multifunction: The Digital Fryer allows you to enjoy every food without soaking in unhealthy fat & oil that you would find in traditional deep fried foods. You can bake, roast, grill, toast and air fry a variety of foods using little or no oil, as a result in food that is just delicious but without fat.

Crisping Plate: The fryer comes with a crisping plate for frying / roasting / baking various food items. It has a non-stick ceramic coating and can be removed & cleaned easily.

Large capacity: This fryer offers an efficient and fast way to cook your family’s favorite meals ensuring they are crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside while retaining the same great taste that you would achieve with traditional cooking method. Enjoy greater quantity at once, no need to prepare batches of same foods again & again.

Easy Cleaning: Just like all air fryers, this one also has large fully detachable family size fry basket that allows for easy cleaning! So, you can fry, grill, bake and roast healthy oil free food for your whole family.

1350 W Halogen Heating tube: The fryer has 1350W halogen heating that Saves power and still gives it enough power to do all the jobs efficiently. It lights up during the operation.

This Digital fryer from Glen also has some advanced features that makes it an ideal buy for your kitchen. Read on to know about them:

Advanced features:

Auto shut off: This fryer comes with built-in safety features to ensure that the air fryer shuts off automatically when the basket is removed. And also stays off until the basket is securely placed.

60 Minute timer: The air fryer comes with 60 minute timer that can be set according to the dishes being prepared.

Auto sleep function: If the fryer is not used for more than 5 minutes it will go into sleep mode and the control panel will no longer illuminate. Just turn the knob or touch the menu option to wake the fryer up.

Cooking pause operation: In any case if the cooking operation needs to be paused or you missed on some seasoning over the food being cooked inside the fryer, then simply open the basket at any time of cooking & then put the basket in to continue the process.

The fryer also comes with recipe book having separate vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian recipes to start up your culinary adventure.

Glen aims to keep on serving its customers with smarter innovations and elegant designs made for easier and healthier lives. For more details regarding the product, please feel free to connect with us via social media channels or by dialing 9717156666 for assistance from our sales team. The fryer is also available at our leading retails stores as well as e-commerce portals.

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