Everything you need to know about auto clean chimneys

Auto clean chimneys! The name explains it all. In simpler terms, these type of hoods when installed does not require a lot of cleaning hassles, as they come equipped with auto cleaning function.

Chimneys make your kitchen smoke and odor free. Most of the hoods require timely cleanup for better functioning. But that is a very tedious task and everyone like to skip it. There are many manufacturers of auto clean chimneys present in the market, but if you are planning to buy one, then you must go through this guide for better understanding.

An auto clean chimney allows people to spare time by turning Auto-clean button on the machine. When the feature is turned on, the heating elements on the housing of motor will melt the accumulated grease and grime and drip the same into oil collector tray/cup.

What is an auto clean chimney?
Basically, auto clean chimneys facilitate less maintenance as compared to other hoods. In this type of chimneys, separate oil collector tray or cup is provided which collects all the oil particles generated at the time of cooking. These chimneys have a comparatively better life span as the oil doesn’t stick to the internal parts and filters.

Why use an auto clean chimney?
Appliances are great assets when it comes to ease and reduction of efforts. The benefit of auto clean chimneys over the European Chimneys with Baffle filters is that one can clean the oil deposits in the housing by heat clean technology. In the European chimneys the baffle filter intercepts the oil and cleaning the same periodically keeps the hood clean. In Auto Clean the oil gets stuck to the fan and housing which once cleaned gets collected in the oil cup.

Trending brand for Auto clean chimneys in India
Glen India has been selling Chimneys for over 20 years in India and has a range of Chimneys with European filter technologies and the Heat Auto Clean Technologies in various designs and style. A customer can choose as per the requirement in case the oil consumption in the cooking is high one should go for Auto clean in case the oil consumption is normal its ok to opt for the European exhaust mode chimneys with Baffle Filters.

Glen models of Auto clean chimneys:

Glen Auto Clean Chimney 6066 SS AC 90cm Baffle filters (Stainless Steel Body): It is a popular hood intended to suit your cutting edge kitchen. It comes with 1200m3/h suction, three baffle filters, touch sensor controls, and 230w powerful motor. This model is also available in 60cm and black finish.

Glen Auto Clean Chimney 6063 SS 60 cm 1200 m3/h Baffle filters: It is a curved glass wall mounted chimney with touch sensor control, oil collector cup and heat auto clean technology. It comes with a 5-year warranty on the motor. The other variants of this model come in 90cm size and black finish.

For more information about auto clean chimneys, you can visit : https://www.glenindia.com/auto-clean-&-oil-collector-chimneys

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