Enjoy the Freedom of Space; Freedom of Cooking More

Most of the Indian Kitchens are equipped with heavy and big utensils for large sized families. In normal cooktops cooking parallely on all the burners was not possible, as the utensils often clash thereby making the placement uneasy. Looking into this problem Glen has introduced a new Three Burner Glass Cooktop where the centre distance between all the three burners is a minimum of 30 cm with the result one can use all the three burners simultaneously.

Now indulge in style cooking, with a taste of perfection and unbeatable performance with the new Glen Glass Cooktop 1038 GT & enjoy the freedom of space with all the three burners can be used in conjunction. With toughened glass, this cooktop finds a new visually attractive setting and the practical advantages of a modern material.

1038 top Glass Cookdefines state of an art technology for a convenient cooking. Here are few reasons which make this product a revolutionary innovation:

  1. Matt Finish stainless steel body with glass top gives an elegant appearance and a strong performance. This is a result of better and precise workmanship.
  2. 8 mm thick black toughened glass is resistant to scratches stains, impact and heat.
  3. The thick SS Body makes it more durable and sturdy in comparison to other glass cooktops available
  4. The design and aesthetics of this cooktop makes it a best fit for every kitchen and unbeatable match to any modern kitchen.
  5. This model is also available in Auto Ignition with an Italian Switch for easy operation.
  6. Matching the elegant looks the pressure die cast aluminium alloy burners add durability which lasts longer. These burners come with 5 years warranty, runs for longer time and have special holes, angled for higher thermal efficiency. Alloy burners don’t fade, do not crack and also doesn’t corrode.
  7. One high flame burner is given in the cooktop for much faster cooking results. So if you deep fry, you get better and quicker results without wasting gas and time.
  8. The 4.0 mm thick strong and sturdy pan supports easily accommodate heavy vessels, which are generally used in Indian cooking style.
  9. The centre distance of minimum 300 mm given in the design gives you the freedom of space in your cooking. Enjoy a hassle free cooking, on all three burners without any worries. These have been designed to suit big size pans.
  10. Cook more and cook efficiently, as there are no sim offs and also alloy burners emit flames more effectively without any wastage, thereby giving much proper cooking results.
  11. The Bakelite heat resistant knobs make it much reliable in usage.

Truly a result of innovation. Glen cooktops come with stunning beauty, rich brush steel finish and sturdy performance to bring an advantageous cooking experience. Now cook easy and cook more as the modern cooking brings your kitchen a technological design to suit up your convenience in kitchen.

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