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Gifting Ideas from Glen

The ideal gift is one which has reason behind the emotions gifted. Normally you would like to select a gift for your loved ones which they cherish for long time. Choosing ideal gifts is a real tough job.

Glen makes your job a little easier, wrap your feelings this festive season with gifting Ideas from us; serve perfection and elegance to your gifting basket.

Glen Mini Chopper

Glen Mini Chopper

The Glen Mini Chopper is not just convenient to operate but is also sturdy and reliable. This has Stainless Steel blade for quick chopping results. One can easily chop nuts, onions, crush ice cubes and even make a fine tomato puree. With an easy push start you can put an end to the time taking chopping actions. Beat eggs in the chopper and make tasty omelets for breakfast without using any spare bowl or whisk, and thus keeping yourself free from the dish cleaning hassles. add-to-cart

Induction Cooker Ultra slim

Glen Induction Cooker

It’s the age of compact and sleek designs. Your world has now come down to have less and act more. So here it is Glen induction cooker 3079 Ultra Slim, a sleek and plush device which serves your cooking requirements like a professional. This smart appliance saves Energy & Sensor Touch Controls makes it easy to operate.



Blender Grinder 4045

Glen Blender Grinder

Why we call it an ideal gift is because this tiny appliance can do wonders in your kitchen life. Glen Blender Grinder serves a complete functionality to your wet and dry grinding requirements. Make chutney, grind home made fresh spices just in minutes with this small appliance in minutes.add-to-cart

Sandwich Maker 3031

Glen Contact Grill

Home-made good quality professional grill for that extra crisp grilled sandwich or a Grilled fish or mouth watering Paneer Shashlik, now comes easy. All this is possible with Glen Contact Grill. This can be an ideal gift in case someone is fond of having grilled food over fried food.



 Glass Grill 3035

GL 3035

Looking for an innovative new product to surprise the one you love? Impress everyone with your unique choice of selecting Glen Glass Grill. Now Prepare healthy, oil free and tasty proportions for your day and enjoy them with all the flavours with Glen Glass Grill. The bottom line is that grilling is better alternative than frying foods especially vegetables, chicken and meat. The taste and nutritive content of chicken can be enjoyed the best in the form of snacks or fast food with healthy grilled food options such as grilled sandwiches, grilled chicken salads and grilled Panini. No more extra layers of oil, no more hassled operating of the equipment and no more burnt food, these entire features make a glass grill an easy appliance.add-to-cart

Food Processor 4052

Glen Food Proccessor

Who would not want a perfect kitchen assistant serving to your food preparation needs? Gift a complete kitchen solution to the one you care for with Glen Food Processor. It is an ideal answer to you chopping, blending, juicing and mixing needs. This “one man show” product is what any kitchen must have. The multifunctional Glen food processors are versatile kitchen machines designed to make working in the kitchen fast, convenient and pleasant. It takes care of all your pre-cooking tasks, making them simple and convenient. It chips, chops, slices, shreds, whisks, kneads, shreds coconut and does much much more with a complete range of high-quality accessories and blender jar for an almost infinite range of food processing tasks.add-to-cart

You promise an unconditional smile on the faces of your loved ones and we promise you to keep it intact with our products.

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