Glen 6052 – Intelligent Kitchen Chimney with Heat & Gas Sensor

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and to keep is smoke and grime free use a Chimney to take the smoke emanating from cooking out of kitchen. We need to start the chimney once we start cooking and switch off at least after few minutes of finishing the cooking.

To make the task of the housewife easier Glen has introduced the Easy Clean Intelligent Kitchen Chimney which is equipped with a Heat Sensor which switches on the chimney once you start cooking as it senses the heat from the pan. Not only that as the heat increases it increases the speed of the chimney so that the entire smoke is sucked out of the kitchen.

Once you finish the cooking, you can leave your kitchen as once the environment starts cooling the speed will come down and after a while it will switch off and come at standby. So when you come back you get fresh kitchen without any smell or odor of the food cooked.

This Glen Intelligent Chimney is also equipped with a LPG Leakage Sensor. In case there is a leakage of LP Gas the chimney will smell the same and switch on automatically and throw the gas out of the kitchen. This will avoid any untoward incident from happening due to gas leakage. So this makes the Kitchen a safer and cleaner place.

The chimney has soft and sleek looks, stainless steel finish with Glass front panel, touch controls and powerful Italian motor. Available with 1000m3/h and 1250 m3/h suction capacities to suit any kind of cooking style, these chimneys provide a smoke free environment to the kitchen.

Features of Easy Clean Intelligent Chimney:

  • Italian motor: It has 100% Copper Italian motor with Thermal Overload Protector to safe guard the motor.
  • Environment friendly LED lights: This chimney is fitted with 1.5 W LED lamps that saves approximately 96% electricity consumption. These energy saving LED lights effectively illuminate the hob area and also help save energy.
  • Touch controls with digital display: The touch control panel with a digital display not only adds an elegant grace to the chimney but also enhances your convenience.
  • SS Baffle filters: The chimney is fitted with easy to clean stainless steel baffle filters with dynamic airflow. These are easy to clean & maintain.
  • Available options: The Glen 6052 Intelligent chimney is available in sizes of 60 & 90cm along with option of 1000m3/h & 1250m3/h suction.

Glen Intelligent Chimney 6052 Touch 90cm with Heat and Gas Leakage Sensors 1000m3h

The Glen 6052 90cm Kitchen Chimney is a sleek chimney in Stainless Steel with Heat sensor to start the Chimney automatically when you start cooking and also has an LPG sensor which switches on the chimney if there is any leakage in the kitchen of LPG and throws all the gas out of the kitchen.

So this is another step towards healthier, cleaner and safer kitchen with intelligent chimney from Glen.

For any further queries related to this chimney, please feel free to dial 9717156666, our sales team will assist your regarding the same. You can also reach us via social media platforms.

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