Glen Dosa Maker/ Electric Pan: A perfect solution for healthy homemade breakfast

For years, health experts have insisted that a healthy breakfast is a key to start your day. It boosts your metabolism and helps in better productivity throughout the day. The problem we face that most of cooking oils break at high temperatures and then the food fried is not good or health, and this happens as when we are frying a Dosa, Paratha, Moong Dal Chilla or any such food on gas stove we are unable to control the temperature. But not with Glen Dosa maker/Electric Pan! Yes, you read that right! This appliance has a thermostat which helps you to cook at a cotrolled temperature and thus helps you to make a healthier breakfast.

It is a portable appliance that allows cooking at your comfort. From Indian dishes like dosa’s, uttapam, the chilla, stuffed paratha to French delicacies like crepes, pancakes & omelets, there are so many sweet & savory recipes you can prepare using this Glen Dosa Maker 3038. This revolutionary appliance will soon help you in becoming an all-rounder cook. To further understand it better, have a glance at the features and working of this dosa maker.

Highlights of Glen Dosa Maker 3038:

  • Large 30 cm non-stick cooking plate to make bigger sized dosas/parathas/chillas
  • It has adjustable temperature control for perfect browning as per the foods.
  • Healthy & hygienic cooking with less oil usage.
  • Power on/off switch for convenient monitoring.
  • T wooden bar for spreading the crepe/dosa batter evenly.
  • Bamboo spatula for quick flipping & turning of parathas/chillas.
  • Easy to clean, store & maintain.

Not all kinds of cooking require skills, there are several recipes that can be prepared by a layman too. The same is the scene with this dosa maker. In case if you are wondering about the working of this appliance then here are the quick steps.

How Glen Dosa Maker Works?

The working of Glen dosa maker is very simple. You just have to be prepared with all the necessary ingredients and the breakfast will be ready in a jiffy.

The below-given procedure is for Dosa/chillas. The steps may vary a bit with other recipes.

  • Plugin the appliance and turn it on. Preheat until the green light goes off.
  • Pour the chilla/dosa batter with the help of a ladle and spread it in circular motions. (For crepes/pancakes, the spreading can be done with wooden T-Bar.
  • Let it cook evenly. With a bamboo spatula, you can lift the chilla/dosa & flip it to cook from the other side.
  • Adjust the temperature as desired for the next batch.

Similarly, you can make stuffed parathas, Frankie, small Tikki/kebabs and much more. In case if you want to know more about the product or need the demo, feel free to reach us via our Helpline: 9266655555.

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