Glen launches New Range of the BLACK GLASS COOKTOP for Your Kitchen

Glen started manufacturing a range of LPG Cook tops way back in 1999. Since then it has come out with many new innovative products from time to time.

It was Glen which came out with first Stainless Steel soft look with rounded corners. Then again the first one to launch multi-park Auto ignition in the Cooktop.

Around 2007-8 the market started shifting to Glass cooktops and that is the time Glen also launched a range of Glass Cooktops, initially customers were quite sceptical about buying Glass Cooktop due the fear of glass breaking.

There were some initial incidences of Glass breaking and customers shifting back to Stainless Steel but over a period the products were improved the thickness of the Glass was increased from earlier 6.0 MM to 8.0 MM and silicon insulation introduced between glass and stainless steel and the incidences of breakage of glass almost came down to 0.7%.

In the initial stages Glen introduced black Frame Glass Cooktops but as the Indians have a habit of using a lot of water to clean the kitchen and the gas stoves the Mild Steel used to catch rust formation very fast and then the frame use to give way. Looking into this Glen discontinued the Black Frame and introduced all the Glass Cooktops with Stainless Steel frames. In fact to make the frame absolutely rust free Glen used the entire frame in SS and also the Screws used in the assembly were converted to SS. This made the entire frame 100% Rust Proof.

As the demand for Black Frame cooktops to match with the kitchen d├ęcor and the Black chimneys in fashion today kept on rising and customers were asking for a good quality Black frame Cooktops, as a company glen always looked at the long life of the products manufactured so now a new range of Black Cooktops is launched where the frames are made with Galvanised Steel Powder coated to avoid rust formation, with this innovative technology we have been in a position to give an All BLACK Cooktop to customer without the problems of getting rusted.

A range of models has been introduced some of these are with Forged Brass Burners with 5 years of warranty on the burners, this is possible as forging makes the burners 5 times stronger than gravity casting. The Cooktops are approved by BIS and carry ISI mark. The products are now available at all the major appliances stores, all the online market places like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Paytm etc. and also on the official website visit your nearest store or online websites and upgrade to an ALL BLACK GLASS COOKTOP.




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