Go GA-GA over Grill Food!

The modern hectic lifestyle doesn’t allow us to sit back and enjoy even a single meal of our day. But nothing can be more relaxing, than having a Sunday brunch with family and friends at your place. And when you plan a barbecue and grill party on a freezing winter noon at your home, the day becomes extraordinary. Then suddenly pops the big question, WHO IS GOING TO BELL THE CAT? As we all are acquainted that barbecue is a work of patience and a brave management of scattered things. Albert Einstein quoted “Barbecue that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom” and you thought it will be a relaxing Sunday brunch? But now get delighted and throw a barbecue bash every day. As a Glass Grill is an ingenious innovation in the world of grills appliances that you cannot resist. Bring home a Glass Grill which is handy, stylish and easy to use.


Since the modern kitchens are getting smarter and much healthier, we all wish to have dexterous inventions to serve us healthy and flavorful meals with ease. The Glen Glass Grill comes with a ceramic glass top which grills your food in minutes not hours. The biggest problem faced in a traditional grill is that it takes a lot of effort to control the flames to cook food properly. But a glass grill comes with a heat control knob to easily moderate the temperature required to cook a particular food. This is an appliance which will be loved by every modern woman who believes in an independent and healthy lifestyle. A Glass Grill has been designed to prepare food with less or no oil. The glass keeps the juices and nutrients of the food preserved within, hence you get an original taste of whatever you eat as the flavor from food doesn’t drip. In-fact while grilling any non- veg food, the released fat is not lost. Instead the food gets cooked in its own fat thereby using no oil. So this is a perfect appliance taking care of your family as you serve them your love and much nutritious food with no oil. Eggs, bacon, paneer tikka, fish, dosa , steaks , chicken all these appetizing meals you can prepare in minutes and thus you add wings to your life. Which means, if you often used to miss the early morning breakfast in hurry and compromised by having corn flakes? Now you can cook a tastier and healthy morning meal quickly and not miss the most important meal of the day. With this glass grill now make any grill item quickly and relish the flavorful delicacies. Unlike the conventional grills the food has no bitter charcoal taste, has no chances of getting burnt or over cooked and is much flavored.

As they say, Big Things Come in Small Packages, Glen Glass Grill comes in a Stylized Flat Bed Shaped Compact Design combined with the new green energy saving environmental protection barbecue concept. Its aesthetic design makes it best suitable to match up your contemporary modular kitchen decor. Not just this, on a bad weather day, you can simply use it in interiors and still enjoy the best savory as it emits less smoke, no chemicals and no toxic fumes at all. The ceramic glass is scratch less and easy to clean, as you can just wash it with water and it is ready to be reused. The outer handles are safe-to-the-touch and help you touch the grill for an easy cooking. The scrapper that comes with the product helps you to cook the food from both sides uniformly.

George Bernard Shaw said “There is no Love sincerer than the love of food” and if you do believe the same, there is no better option than a Glass Grill for the real foodies. The Glass Grill combines the advantages of instant heating and high-performance glass-ceramic materials to inspire the next generation of grills for the benefit of home cooks and chefs everywhere. It is safe to use and extremely fast and easy to clean which gives clear benefits in terms of energy savings and increased productivity in the kitchen. Eat as much as you can, cook as much as you want and eat healthy, save time, save energy with this modish glass grill designed for a smarter cooking.

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