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We wait for winters to enjoy pleasant evenings and warm afternoons. There are many fruits, vegetable and dry fruits which are associated with this time of the year. Along with all these benefits and goodies which winter brings, it also brings very low temperatures and cold wave. And to brave the winters and enjoy warm comforts with-in our homes we need good quality energy efficient room heating appliances.

There are many ways to keep you warm during winters. We can do it by woollen garments, quilts, blankets, bukharis (very popular in Kashmir) Room Heaters etc. coming to room heaters there are many types of heating systems available and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of these are listed below:

Fan Heater

Here there is a blower which throws the air through a heating element and this hot air brings up the room temperature. The advantages its quite cost effective and fast in heating the surroundings. Negatives are that it makes more noise, burns the oxygen also.

PTC Heater

Here there is a blower which throws the air instead of the resistance wire through a chain of ceramic stones or chips. This is called Positive Temperature Coefficient in short PTC it’s a unique technology which makes PTC electric heaters more efficient, safer and  superior to traditional coil electric heaters. Glen 7012 PTC heater 1800w with remote control is available. Also available 2 models of PTC heaters in ALDA range also.


Halogen Heater

These heaters are most effective in faster heating any given space have the option of using at various levels and provide direct heat. As these have no fans so there is no noise. It has oscillation so the distribution of heat is better. Negative is that it burns oxygen so when using this one needs to keep some ventilation and not be used in closed room overnight. Glen Halogen Heater 7016 comes in 1200w option.

Quartz Heater

In this heating system Quarts tubes are used with reflectors to provide the fast and efficient heating. As there is no fan these are without any noise. You have the option of using 1-2-3 elements as per requirement. These are very light and easy to move. The only negative is that it burns oxygen so when using this one needs to keep some ventilation and not be used in closed room overnight. Glen Quartz Heater 7017 comes with 2 quarts tubes of 400w each.

Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Generally known as OFR heaters, these work on indirect heating principal. Here the heating element heats oil and the oil then circulates in the fins and the air passing through the fins get heated up and lifts up and the cold air comes down and it starts a process of continuously heating the air in the room and brings up the temperature. This is almost a noiseless operation, until you use the PTC heater provided in most of the good quality OFR. The most distinct advantage here is that it burns no oxygen, is energy efficient, absolutely safe, looks good. The only negative is that its slightly slower in heating up the room and for it to work fast one can use the PTC heater for the first 30 minutes and then switch the same off. Glen Oil Filled Radiator heaters come in 3 sizes of 9/11/13 fins. These have wheels and handles to easily move around the house as per requirements.

You can go through the various options and then decide based on your requirement and enjoy the warmth in this cold winter.


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