How can a Gas Stove be a Style Statement

Here we share experience of a customer as narrated to our customer relations executive

I have been using a Stainless Steel Gas Stove now for over 10 years. Recently I went to a Anita’s (name changed for privacy reasons) house warming and when I went to her kitchen I saw a very sleek and elegant Glass Cooktop. I was amazed that how can one use Glass for a gas stove as it’s all the time used with flame and heat so the glass should break.

This is when I asked Anita a couple of questions and she asked me to wait for the other guests to go and then she will explain. After an hour or so when all the guests left then she took me to the kitchen for removing my doubts and said that now I may ask my doubts from her.

My first question how can Glass be used as while long hours of cooking there will be too much of heat. She replied while putting a saucepan on the small burner for making tea for us that the glass used in this Cooktop is toughened at over 800 0C and can withstand the heat. It shouldn’t break but even if it breaks its completely safe as it’s protected by a film below which will keep the pcs pasted to the film. I noticed that she has not used any lighter or matchstick to light the burner, so I couldn’t stop asking how have you ignited the burner, so she told me that this Cooktop for Kitchen is fitted with battery operated multi spark Auto ignition and once she presses the switch the sparks will ignite the burner knob she will turn on and its very convenient as you don’t have to look for the lighter or matchbox.

My next query was that how are the burners and the flame of this gas stove to which she pointed out a t the Forged Brass burners which as per her are 5 times more strong than normal brass burners and that is why come with a 5 year warranty for free replacement in case any defect develops. She also mentioned that not only that the Gas Valves of this gas stove are also warranted for 5 years against any defects and are totally safe.

While all this while the tea was ready and we started sipping the same. As some spillage happened while pouring the tea she just took a napkin and wiped the glass clean and it was shining once again like a mirror. I was too impressed. She could gauge that I still have some doubt in my mind with the glass so she informed me that not only that this glass also comes with a 5 year warranty, in case of breakage the same will be replaced free of cost , now here I couldn’t believe her and said how is it possible that any company can give warranty on the glass breakage to which she showed me the warranty card which clearly mentioned that the glass if breaks will be replaced free of cost maximum of 2 times with 5 years of date of purchase.

Then came the final question from me as I could see all this while that the brand was Glen so what is the model number and she mentioned that its Glen Mirror Cooktop CT 1048 which at present can be considered the best gas stove in India as it 70cm in width and 50cm in depth so all 4 burners can be used together. The Glass is 8.00 MM thick, Pan Supports are enamelled and 4.0 MM thick the burners are Forged Bras Burners and the Burners, Glass and gas Valves come with a 5 year warranty.

I came back from that house warming 100% convinced that my next purchase this festival season will be a Glen mirror Finish Cooktop.

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