How to choose the right gas stove

Buying a gas stove for your kitchen is a major decision. You not only have to look for the finish and design but also the functionality is important.

Now a days, a wide variety of options are available in different sizes and styles. But choosing the right one can seem to be quite a daunting task. As you have to look for space, number of burners, finish, durability and many other factors that suits your needs. Another major decision can be selecting a trustworthy brand from many available in the market.

Glen presents a wide range of premium gas stoves, there is an option to choose from 3 types of Burners – Alloy, Forged Brass and normal Brass Burners, different configuration like 2/3/4 burners, Glass top, Stainless Steel top, ISI approved models and many more options can be found.

The following checklist will help you in choosing the right gas stove:

Decide the size of the gas stove:

The first step you need to keep in mind is to decide the size of the gas stove you need to purchase. There are a variety of models having 2, 3 and 4 burner cooktops. So first you need to measure your kitchen slab where you will place the gas stove and then decide on the size of the gas stove based on the available space.

Select the material, finish & color:

Next is to select the material like, full stainless steel, frame ss and top toughened glass or frame black and top Glass.

Check the type of burners:

With the advancement in technology, the gas stove burners have also started to come in various types. There are three options: Pressure Die-cast Alloy Burners, Brass Burners and Forged Brass Burners. You can find many variation of these in Glen cooktops.

Look for the Automatic ignition type:

To save from the hassles of using lighter or matchsticks, you can go with Auto ignition cooktop models. Here the choice is in Multi-spark battery operated Auto Ignition or Single spark Mechanical piezo ignited auto ignition. The multi spark is better as here many sparks come and till the time the flame doesn’t come on the burner you can keep the knob pressed.

ISI Mark:

In case you are going for a new LPG connection then the LPG dealer will insist on BIS approved Gas Stove so in this case you will have to be careful to select the models which are approved by BIS and have ISI logo on the product. Please note Auto Ignition cooktops and cooktops with Alloy burners are not BIS approved.

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Different gas stoves have different material knobs that allow ease of operation. Make sure they are made of good quality material for better usage and long life.

Drip tray and Pan supports/trivets:

Look for the gas stoves having drip trays around the burners. These ensure hassle-free cleanup of the spilled foods. Likewise, the cooktop must have sturdy pan supports to accommodate heavy utensils.


If there is an availability of PNG in your home then you must check for the gas stove having compatibility of pipeline connection. Normally the cooktops come in accordance with the LPG setup.

If you purchase a Glen cooktop then you can get the same converted from LPG to PNG for a nominal charge. The helpline is available at 9266655555 and register for conversion request.

For a further selection of cooktops, you can browse through

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  • 9884048486

    Knob is broken,spare not available in market

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      You may dial 9266655555 for assistance over call.

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    want to exchange my 3 burnrr for glen 3 burner lpg stove

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      Kindly share your contact details.

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