How to clean a kitchen chimney

When was the last time you cleaned your kitchen chimney? Hard to remember? If yes then it’s time to give a new look to your hood with some basic efforts.

Cleaning a kitchen chimney is a time-consuming task and most of us like to avoid it as much as possible. But on the other hand, we know that chimney cleaning is important for its smooth working too. The smoke produced from cooking makes the chimney filters greasy and sticky.

Normally hoods have mesh or baffle filters that are removable and can be cleaned easily. In case you are using Chimney on recirculation mode then you must be using charcoal filters, these cannot be cleaned and need to be replaced every 3-4 months based on usage. Coming to cleaning, it can be easily done by yourself with the help of some basic ingredients that can be found on your kitchen.

Ways to clean a kitchen chimney:

Using dishwashing liquid: Remove the filters from the hood and apply some dishwashing liquid to them. Take hot boiling water in a tub deep enough to immerse the filters. Leave them for around an hour or two. After a while clean the filters using a non-abrasive scrub. Let them dry and they are ready to be placed in the chimney.

Using baking soda & vinegar: You will need some kitchen supplies like baking soda, vinegar, and salt. Put the filters into a tub and pour boiling hot water. Add 2-3 tbsp of baking soda, salt and a cup of vinegar. Let them soak for a while and then clean properly.

Using caustic soda: Similar to the above method, take a tray or tub, sprinkle the caustic soda evenly over the filters and then pour boiling hot water. Take proper precaution as fumes will appear once you pour the water. Let it rest for an hour or two, rinse with clean water and they are ready to be fitted again once dried.

Cleaning the exteriors of the hood: You can use a damp soft cloth to clean the exterior body of the chimney. In case the grime is more you can use some cleaning detergent and then wipe clean with a clean cloth.

Note: Don’t forget to take necessary care and refer the product manual before trying any of the given ways.

However, if you still think that all the given processes are really hectic for you and if you are using a Glen Chimney then there is always help just call the Glen Helpline number 9266655555 or write an email at and call for a company trained person for servicing the chimney.

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