How to get the best from your Glass Cooktop

Are you stressing over to get the best from your glass cooktop? If yes then you are surely on the right blog! Here you will not only get to know about the ways to make your cooktop look best but also some DIY’s to clean it.

At times keeping a watch on each of your kitchen appliance can be difficult. But there are some products that needs special attention regularly. Be it the glass cooktop, chimneys or the tandoors, they require adequate clean up after the usage. But somehow, due to laziness or time constraints, the proper care gets overlooked. This blog pays special emphasis on getting the best from your glass cooktop.

There are many brands which sell sleek and shiny glass cooktops, but till date there is no Auto clean cooktop available,so, it is you, who have to put on some efforts. It does not matter if you have a Glen glass cooktop or of any other brand, you just simply have to find out some ingredients from your kitchen in order to get the desired glossy shine back on your old cooktop.

Things to do-

  • To remove the stubborn spill marks or curries or milk, sprinkle the lemon juice and baking soda evenly all over the cooktop and let it stay for a while. Then with the help of a soft scrubber wipe the surface and clean with dry cloth afterwards.
  • If there are burned out food particles accumulated over the cooktop, you can also use sharp scraper, but keep in mind to use it flat and not by the sharp edge otherwise it may leave a scratch on the glass.
  • It is recommended to splash some vinegar after every use for better cleaning

Things to avoid-

  • Never ever scrub your glass Cooktop with the steel wool scrubber. It will make the conditions worse and you will end up with marks on the Cooktop.
  • At the time of cleaning, try not putting on too much of pressure as it might lead to cracking of the glass surface.
  • Do not try any cleaning technique while the Cooktop is hot. Doing this may lead to further damage.
  • Never ever use a Batti Tandoor or a gas tandoor on a Glass Cooktop, as the excessive heat generated by it may break the glass.

Lastly, if you want your modular kitchen gas stove to be shiny always then adopt the habit of cleaning it regularly after every use. To maximize the life of your glass Cooktop, most of the expert’s advice to polish the glass with a ceramic cleaner from time to time.

If the given do’s and don’ts will be followed, then you will surely get the best from your glass Cooktop.

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