How to select a room heater

Room heaters are essential appliances for winters, especially in northern parts of India where warm clothes are not enough to beat the chilly winds. But, selecting the right heater for your home and office can be a confusing task due to the variety of options available in the market. We are trying here to help you choose the right type of room heater as per your requirement.

Features to look out in a room heater:

Size & type: Room heaters come in a variety of sizes and types. So you must check the same and get one depending upon the need.

Heat settings: Multiple heat settings adds to the functionality of the appliance. Adjustable temperature control helps in setting the heat as desired.

Safety: Especially for the people having kids at home, safety is the most important aspect. Look for heaters having a thermostat, safety tip-over switch, wire mesh and other features for protection against unwanted hazards.

Portability: Room heaters are generally portable and can be carried from one room to another easily. So, opt for the one having wheels and handle for convenient operation.

Noise levels: The noise generated from the room heater cannot be ignored. But it also depends upon the type of heater being used. Like an OFR (Oil Filled Radiator) heater works silently and does not create noise but on the other hand, a fan heater/ convector has that air cutting noise.

Oxygen depletion: Most of the direct heating heaters lead to a reduction in oxygen and humidity levels. It is very critical factor to be considered when having newborn babies at home. OFR heaters do not cause such problems as they make the given surroundings warm by heating the oil running in the fins and indirectly heating the atmosphere.

There are some more aspects like room size, cord length, plug type, etc. that you may check while buying a room heater for your home. For better understanding, we have divided the type of room heaters in four categories.

Types of room heaters:

Oil-filled radiator heaters: These heaters do not cause oxygen depletion and warm up the surroundings evenly. OFR heaters do not become as hot as electric heaters and consume less power. Glen OFR heaters give sunlight feel and have overheating protection. They are available in 3 sizes having 9 (2400W), 11(2900W), 13 fins(2900W).

Fan heaters: These are compact heaters and can warm up the given surroundings in a short time. Equipped with ceramic coils, the fan heaters blow hot air and keeps the space hot for a longer duration. These heaters vary in size, shape, color, and features. Glen fan heaters come with two heat settings (1000W / 2000W) and adjustable thermostat temperature control.

Halogen heaters: They are designed to effectively heat any given surrounding at adjustable temperatures. Glen halogen heaters have 3 heat settings 3 heat setting (400W / 800W / 1200W ) & switches to control the swing.

Quartz heaters: These work on radiant technology and are suitable for heating small rooms. The heating filament is within a quartz tube that is heat resistant. Glen quartz heaters come with 2 heat settings (400W / 800W).

So, you may choose the best room heater depending upon your usage and requirement. In case if you want to know more about Glen room heaters then feel free to get in touch with us via social media platforms or dial our helpline 9266655555 to get assistance over the call.

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    I live in Srinagar,India known for it’s extremely cold winters and was planning to buy room heater . Was wondering which type of room heater would provide maximum heating at the same time minimizing power consumption.

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