How to select the right Built in Hob for your kitchen?

In today’s world when the options are available in plenty selecting a right kind of Cooking appliance is a tough job. For making your pre-purchase doubts clear, we are here with few essential things to take care while selecting the same.

In case you have made up your mind to buy a Built-in-Hob in place of a free standing cooktop then its worth to read on as here we will elaborate on how to select the right kind of hob.

Introduction to Built in hobs: 

Built in hobs are new avatars of the conventional gas stoves. These are installed on the kitchen slab by cutting the counter top. The gas pipes and electrical wires are concealed thereby giving a clutter-free look to your kitchen.

The built-in hobs offered by Glen are beautifully designed to provide you with maximum space while cooking. These come with options of glass and stainless steel finish, LPG or Induction, a variety of burner configurations and types and many more exceptional features. Glen Built-in-Hobs are made in India as per Indian Cooking requirements.  You can decide the surface or number of burners as per your choice. These aesthetically designed hobs promise you with high performance using the minimum resources.

Features of Glen Built in Hobs:

Toughened glass: Glen hobs are made of 8.00 mm thick toughened glass which not only looks elegant but also resists scratch, stains, impact, and heat. These come with a 5-year warranty on the breakage of Glass

Choice of burners: With our built in hobs, you get the freedom to choose from the many types of burners and configurations. Mainly there are two three of burners-

  • European sealed burners: These are single ring of flame burners used for slow cooking. These are made of Aluminum Alloy and have only one ring of flame which gives low heat and is suitable for slow cooking.
  • Double Ring Burners: As Indian cooking involves a lot of frying and requires higher flame these double-ring burners, specially designed for Indian cooking, give 2 rings of flame like the traditional gas stoves so are more suitable for high temperatures and faster cooking. These come in Mild Steel with enameled coating or in Forged Brass which are 5 times stronger.

Italian gas valve: Glen built in hobs are fitted with Italian gas valves ease of operations and also ensure that there are no more gas leakage & no more sim-off.

Flame Failure Device – FFD: Before finalizing the purchase one also needs to decide whether to go for FFD that is Flame Failure Device where in the unlikely case of flame extinguishing due to overflow of liquid or sudden blow of air the gas supply will be switched off with in 10 seconds. The makes the built in hobs totally safe.

Smoothly operating knobs: Knobs should have firm grip and aesthetically designed.

Sturdy pan supports: Pan supports play an important role and should be strong and enameled.

Number of Burners: One need to also decide on the number of burners required as the Hobs are available in the configuration of 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 burners and various sizes from 30 / 60 / 70 / 77 / 90 CM so based on the space available and the requirement of the burners one can finalise the same.

Hob Tops: Glen also makes hobs which have the flexibility of being used as a free standing hob so no need to cut the counter tops. These are very practical for people staying in rented accommodation as they need to move some time so the hob can be taken easily. The beauty is once they move in their own home they can use the same hob as a built-in.

For further information on built in hobs, you may write to or dial our Helpline 9266655555 for assistance over the call.

Stay tuned for the next series on cooktops.

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  • Shivadutta

    Hi, I am already having prestige hob & want to exchange it for a new hob after 7yrs…

    • admin

      Thank you for showing interest in our Products! Kindly share your contact details for better assistance.

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