How to select the right Gas Stove

Nowadays, there are wide range of options available for everything which makes it confusing to select the right product. So in case if you’ve just moved into a new home or want to upgrade your old gas stove, and finding it difficult to decide then reading this article may help you make a better decision.

Introduction to gas stoves:
In the last few years the gas stove has got many new introductions, like, the types, of burners, the main body Stainless Steel or glass, auto ignition, safety etc. although at the end of the day the Gas Stove is meant for cooking but the looks and design and the efficiency plays a great role.

Features of Glen Gas stoves: 

Stainless Steel or Toughened glass: Glen gives you option of both you may go for SS or Glass. In case you are looking for a rugged use and may use the Gas Tandoor or Pathri Tawa then Stainless Steel will be a better option. Otherwise the toughened glass cooktops look more trendy and modern. In Glass you can further have option of with black frame or SS frame. You may select this based on the kitchen décor and the chimney you have or planning to buy.

Size and the number of burners: Next in line is based on space available you will have to decide on the size and the number of burners. Glen gives you options from 2/3/4 burners cooktops starting from 55 CM width to 95CM width and based on your requirements you may choose one.

Choice of burners: Once you have firmed the number of burners then you need to decide what kind of burners do you need, Glen offers 3 kinds of burners, Pressure die-cast Alloy burners which are lighter and come with a 5 years warranty on the same, or Die Cast traditional Brass Burners, or the 5 times stronger Forged Brass Burners which also come with 5 year warranty. The efficiency of all the burners is 68% and above and decision rests on looks and feel of the burners. The Brass and Forged Brass burners when fitted in Non-Auto Ignition Gas Stoves then the gas stoves are ISI certified.

The pan supports: All Glen gas stoves have sturdy pan supports in economical models these are 3.0 mm thick Mild Steel and painted with heat resistant paint and in the better model these are 4.0 mm thick Mild Steel and vitreous enameled. All can accommodate large and heavy utensils.

Auto-ignition: Some of the Glen cooktops come with multi-spark battery-operated auto-ignition, these models have AI in their name and in case you decide to go for an automatic Ignition system to do away with the need of looking for a lighter or match stick every time you want to light the gas stove then the models with AI option are the best for you to choose.

Double Drip trays: in case you are looking for extra drip trays for the ease of cleaning of spill overs then you may opt for the models with Double Drip trays these are the models which have an additional drip tray over the normal fixed tray which can be removed and washed easily. Some models like 1033 GT FB DD and 1038 GT FB DD come with a double drip tray that can be removed and cleaned.

Safety: Last but not the least comes the Safety angle. Glen has introduced Flame Failure Device normally called FFD in the top range models. Here in case of flame getting extinguished any time due to spillage or a sudden blow of air, the gas supply to that gas burner will be disconnected within 10-20 seconds, thus averting and untoward incident. These Italian Saftey System gas stoves are available with Auto ignition only and are top of the line models.

For further information on Glen gas stoves, you may write to or dial our Helpline 9266655555 for assistance over the call.

Stay tuned for the next series on selecting theright mixer grinder.

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  • Jahangir Yar Khan

    interested in buying glass top gas stove of 3 or 4 burners. need pricing and details of the glass and the product.
    is there a warranty

    • admin

      Kindly share your contact details.

  • Sunil Singh

    I want to exchange my gas stove
    Mobile 9552119499

    • admin

      Thank you for showing interest in our products! Forwarding your request to the sales team they will contact you.

  • Chetan Kamat

    I am looking for 3 or 4 Burners LPG Cook top with FFD.
    Kindly send the price list with best discount.

    • admin

      Thank you for showing interest in our product! Kindly share your contact details for better assistance.

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