How to select the right Mixer Grinder

Mixer grinders needs no introduction! We all have grown up listening to its high-pitched grinding noise. Over the years, with technological advancements, mixer grinders also have gone through various changes. Be it in terms of looks, stability, ease of use & of course the motor power. But when it comes to choosing the right mixer grinder, it always seems to be a difficult task. For better selection and understanding, we have elaborated the basic features that one must look for while buying a Mixi.

Compared to older times, today’s mixer grinders are not just confined to mixing and grinding. They can do the jobs quicker, cleaner and also come with Fruit Filters for making juices from soft fruits or making tomato puree. When it comes to getting a mixer-grinder that does the basic tasks with ease, there will be many options available. Glen has been selling a range of mixer grinders for over 2 decades now. These have been accepted well in the market and offer many advantages over other mixer grinders available in the market.


  1. Power:

Before zeroing to any mixer grinder, you must consider its motor power. Higher the power the faster it will do the job! A mixer grinder ranging from 500W to 750W power is good enough to do all the mixing grinding effortlessly. Glen offers a variety of mixer grinder options between 500W & 750W. You may select as per the requirement and type of usage. Also check that the Motor has 100% copper winding for better strength.

  1. Blades:

These are the ones that do all the work, so it makes sense to verify their quality. Make sure that the material is stainless steel and preferably rust free if can be of SS 304 grade its wonderful. High-quality steel blades retain their sharpness for a longer period.

  1. Overload protection:

Overload Protector helps in saving the motor from damage in case of overload of ingredients or electricity fluctuation. All Glen mixer grinders comes equipped with overload protector.

  1. Capacity & number of jars:

The size & number of jars should also be taken into consideration while looking for a mixer grinder. The bigger size allows processing of more ingredients in one go. Also, the separate jars for liquidizing, grinding & chutney making allows ease of operation. Glen gives you option of 2/3/4 jar mixer grinders, depending upon your usage and requirement.

  1. RPM:

The Revolutions Per Minute of a mixer grinder is also a deciding factor, as it tells you how fast the blade can rotate per minute. For efficient dry grinding a minimum of 18000 RPM is required.

  1. Speed settings & Incher:

Usually all mixer grinders comes with 3 speed settings that allow you to achieve the desired consistency of ingredients while processing. But, you must also look for the incher or pulse function in the mixi allows in processing of delicate ingredients which otherwise on normal speed may lose their texture.


GL 4022 MG 750W ISI: It comes with three jars (liquidizer, dry grinder & chutney). There are 3 speed settings and pulse function. An impressive design feature is that is comes with a 6 way coupler between the jar and base unit ensuring secure fit.

This model comes with 5 year warranty on motor. This model has its other variant 4022 Plus with Glass Jar.



GL 4021 MG 500W ISI: This is an ISI Certified mixer grinder that comes with 3 jars – liquidizer, dry grinder & chutney to minimize your manuals efforts.

It has 500W heavy duty motor to handle heaviest of loads. The model has 3 speed settings with pulse function.



GL 4020 MG 550W ISI: This model comes with 550W motor for effortless mixing & grinding of ingredients. There are three jars (liquidizer, grinder & chutney) to minimize your efforts.

The 3 speed settings with pulse function allows to achieve best results.




  • While grinding always ensure that the blades are covered by the substance to be ground. Give a break of at least one minute after continuous grinding of 3 minutes.
  • Fill the Grinder Jar only upto ¼th of its capacity and add required amount of water or milk so that the blades don’t get jammed.
  • If you want to whip something in the appliance, use the pulse function to do it as it will get your desired texture.
  • Before running the machine ensure that the jars and lids are firmly placed and locked. Do not remove or replace jars when the motor is on.
  • While dry grinding the jar may get heated up due to friction. Don’t worry it has nothing to do with motor.


  • If the foods are stuck near the blade, just fill the jar partly with few drops of liquid soap and run it at low speed. The jar will be fully cleaned.
  • Always wipe clean the appliance with a damp cloth to ensure its durability and finish for long life.
  • Never use any abrasive scrubbing pad or steel wool to clean the jars or body of the appliance.
  • When cleaning the base of unit, it’s best not to use water as it might seep inside leading to further damage.


Justifying the fact that there are number mixer grinders available in the market from various brands but it certainly gets difficult to make a choice while buying one. However, if you select a MG, and all the above-mentioned basic features are met as per expectation, then you are good to go. In case, if you still have doubts or confusion in mind for the MG, then you may reach out to us via social media or our helpline number for best assistance.

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