Kittylicious- Make your Kitty Party “A talk of Town” with Glen

Thinking about throwing a party to your best friends? A smart women party’s a smarter way. Party Glen Way; plan it in healthy & hygienic fashion. How about starting with an amazing platter of oil free servings, snacking high but low in fat and oil?

Arrange a stylish kitty at your place, and make an everlasting impression with Glen amazing smart appliances.  Make it easy and healthy in following way:

Start it Smart:

For the starters, introduce yourself with the concept of high oxidant green tea, brewed finely in our Glen Tea Maker GL 9010. An actual taste of tea is relished only if it is brewed for 3-4 minutes in hot water at 85°C to 90°C temperature. This brings out the original taste and aroma of tea, thereby making it more beneficial. Thus a fine brewing is that secret ingredient you were looking for that perfect cup of tea.

This Glen product makes the finest tea ever, as it comes with a detachable filter assembly given for the perfect brewing of your tea. Make tea and later use this kettle for your lavish tea servings. This stylish electric kettle is made of toughened glass and stainless steel body, for elegant looks and sturdy performance to enhance your presentation.

Snack it Up:

Have you been binge eating? Or avoiding all those favorite mouth watering snacks because they are deep fried? Now ease your taste buds, and make a mind blowing impact on your friends as Glen India launches it’s another health endorsing product Air Fryer GL 3044, which can make all the favorite snacks and fries up to 80% oil free.

Air fryer uses the rapid air technology which circulates the hot air with a great pressure and up to 200 degree Celsius temperature around food. This circulated air around the ingredients in the Air Fryer, heats them up thereby resulting in food which is crusty outside and tender inside. Unlike the conventional deep fryers which use high quantity of oil to heat the food and make it crispy, the air fryer uses less or no oil to prepare food. Unpack the frozen food packet, put those delicious nuggets in the basket and simply air fry them. So if you are preparing french fries, potato wedges, nuggets make them easy and almost 80% fat free and serve healthy tasty snacks for your kitty. You can bake, grill, roast and fry with this dynamic air fryer.

Evening Barbeque:

Take your happening party to the next level. You have already conquered hearts with your optimistic approach towards healthy living.

Prepare quick, easy and oil free chicken tikkas, chicken satay, grilled fish, paneer tikkas with Glen Glass Grill GL 3033. Introduce to your party a Teppanyaki style of cooking which means cooking and eating at the same place. You can straightaway start cooking sausages, carrots, potatoes, eggplant, corn, green bell peppers on the grill plate and enjoy eating them simultaneously. Due to the pore-free and sealed ceramic glass grilling surface, very minimal fat is required. While you cook your chicken, the fat doesn’t drip off unlike the old grills; in fact the flat bed glass uses that released fat as an oil medium to cook the same. Vitamins and minerals are not drawn out; foods retain their natural flavor and remain juicy and tender. This makes it possible to have a mellow, nutritive and low on fat grilled chicken effortlessly.

Whether you are a working women or a homemaker, you and your loved ones can now enjoy a healthy meal, to accompany a healthy lifestyle habits. If you thought partying was a curse to curbing your cravings then nothing can be better than Glen products. Prepare healthy, oil free and tasty proportions for your day and enjoy them with all the flavors. Now party like a Rockstar and forget about calories, or call us @ 9266655555 for a home demo for the above products, and let us make you Kitty party the talk of town.

If you have a kitty party of more than 15 ladies then call us to be a part of that and get a Free Gift.

(In select cities only)*

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