Looking to change old gas stove? Have a look at glen mirror finish cooktops

Are you planning to change your old gas stove? If yes, then you must have a look at the range of mirror finish cooktops from Glen. With minimalistic exteriors, the mirror finish gas stoves promises its users high performance and hassle free cooking experience. You can choose from the different sizes of burners and stainless steel or black finish that suits the interiors of your modern kitchen.

Glen mirror finish gas stoves have reinforced 8.00 mm thick toughened glass that comes with a 5 year warranty against breakage. There are 3 different burner sizes specific for different cooking requirements of Indian Cooking. The High Flame burner for faster cooking and frying, the Big burner for normal cooking and the Small burner for that simmering cooking. All the burners are made of Forged Brass for the 5 times strength. There are also option for selecting a model with Multi Spark Auto Ignition for that matchstick free lighting.

The gas stoves also has 4.0 MM thick Enameled Pan Supports for that life long rough and tough handling. These are stonger than Cast Iron pan Supports and allows accommodation of large and heavy utensils with ease.

The Mirror finish range consists of 12 models. 3 burner models in 78 x 39 CM burner configuration with a minimum distance of 30 cm between two burners to give that extra space for big vessels, and 4 burner models in 60 x 56.5 cm and another 4 burner for the customers looking for spacious gas stove in 70 x 56.5 cm.

One will have to see it to believe all the good features but one thing is clear that at present there is nothing better than these Gas Stoves available anywhere in the world suitable for Indian Cooking needs. So before you change the old gas stove you must have a look at these stunning beauties.

Range of Mirror Finish cooktops from Glen

3 Burner model: This three burner mirror finish cooktop is available in rich matt stainless steel & black finish option. It has reinforced mirror finish glass along with 3 forged brass burners (1 high flame, 1 big & 1 small). Having 4 mm thick vitreous enameled pan supports it allows accommodation of large & heavy utensils easily.

4 Burner model: There are two variants of 4 burner mirror finish cooktop which are explained below:

Glen 1042 Mirror Finish Cooktop: This 4 burner model also has forged brass burners placed in a way that all burners can be used simultaneously. This model is also available in SS & black finish with manual/auto ignition option.

Glen 1048 Mirror Finish Cooktop: This gas stove is for those who want extra space while cooking. The burners placement is done in such a way for hassle free cooking.

To know more about the range of mirror finish cooktops from Glen, you may dial 9717156666 to connect directly with our sales team.

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