Make the conventional sweet potatoes the unconventional way with Glen Electric Tandoor

You must have enjoyed the boiled sweet potatoes at home often. Boiling this healthy vegetable washes away all these nutrients, making it less tasty and also lower downs the food value. But now enjoy them roasted/baked and ready to eat in just few minutes with the Glen Electric Tandoor GL5014.

Just pre heat the tandoor for 5 minutes, put sweet potatoes on the tray, waits for 10-15 minutes and then they are ready to be enjoyed with added spices and lemon flavor.

Preparing the sweet potatoes in Electric tandoor retains the juices and nutritive value of the food intact, because of which one can enjoy healthy and tasty bites in minutes.

Glen Electric Tandoor GL 5014 comes in a stainless steel body with a nifty look for modern kitchens. The electric tandoor heats up faster because of the stainless steel tubular heaters which because of their high efficiency make the food crispier. The Glen Tandoor has a knob to select any of the three cooking settings; Top heating, bottom heating and a combo of both for much better cooking results. The grill rack along with the tray, aids in deep baking results without any tensions of food sticking to the tray base.

Since the Glen Tandoor is opulent enough to uniformly heat the food from all the sides, it saves a lot of energy as you get faster cooking results. This is an efficient product and uses only 1100 W energy thereby saving much on your electricity bills. The steel wool is a hidden component of this product placed brilliantly to increases the heat efficiency. The steel wool acts as the good insulator and thus the heat used to cook is not lost in the process. While baking your Sweet Potato, you can keep a check on the status via its see through glass window. The glass window gives tandoor a splendid look, which makes it a modish kitchen accessory with unbeatable performance. The light indicates that the tandoor is in use. After the usage you can simply clean it with a wet wipe or mild detergent to remove stains.

Now Bake, Grill and roast in minutes and enjoy delicious and healthy sweet potatoes and other such delicacies these winters with Glen tandoor, which is EASY, EFFICIENT and ECONOMIC.

Avail this new-fangled easy technology for all your tandoori savories.

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