Modular Kitchens: Necessity or Luxury?

It’s a debate which happens in the many young couples when setting up their new houses or renovating the old. One school of thought is that the traditional way of making kitchen through a carpenter is cheaper and lasts long whereas the modern modular kitchens although look good but are expensive and will not last long. So an expensive option which has shorter life is considered a Luxury rather than necessity. Setting up a new kitchen can be troublesome task. From deciding on the paint color to the laminates, lighting, accessories, appliances, there are so many things that keeps one baffled.

Let’s understand the difference between the two Kitchen Design Ideas. Yes it’s true that by the looks of a trendy modular kitchen it looks to be expensive but the major cause is that here you are giving one lump-sum amount to one supplier for all-inclusive kitchen with all the cost of Electric Chimney, Hob, the sliders and shelves and on the other side you are spending money in bits and pieces and at the end when you total up you find that difference is either very little or may be its other way round. And this too at the cost of convenience and the time spent on getting the kitchen made yourself or made by a professional with almost no involvement of your time.

Another major advantage in a modular kitchen idea is that it’s very functional and is designed with keeping in mind all the needs of the cooking and cleaning with proper care being taken where the cooking will happen, where the refrigerator will be kept and very the utensils will be washed as these are the three key elements in any kitchen. Moreover it also takes care of all the corners and use the same for storage, placement of waste bins, cylinders etc. The kitchen is designed and builds around the appliances like Kitchen Chimney and Built-in-Hobs, Ovens, Microwave Ovens and Dish Washers. These helps in keeping the kitchen smoke and grime free, saving of time in washing the utensils faster and hygienically. So the verdict is out that Modular kitchen do look expensive but are more of a necessity than a luxury. Thus it is always better to opt for conveneince than hassles which consume your time and energy.

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