Monsoons- A Foodie’s Delight

With monsoons knocking at the doors bringing a much-needed respite from the sweltering heat, food lovers have found a perfect excuse to dip into some of the most delectable cuisines that can be cooked in the kitchen. If besides eating, you also enjoy cooking, then you can go through the list of delicious dishes that are perfect for this season and easy to cook.

Samosas- If you love eating fried food but have to control your cravings because of the need to stay fit and healthy, an air fryer by Glen is the perfect kitchen accessory that can help you. Using this appliance, there is no need to avoid gorging on your favorite samosas. This revolutionary product has created a lot of buzz in the Indian market. One just needs to grease food items that need to be cooked and preheat the machine before grilling. The fryer needs to be preheated 180-degree centigrade for just five minutes. Once it is heated, the samosas can be placed in the tray, brushed lightly and sparingly with oil and left to be cooked. In no time, awesome tasting samosas will be ready that can be served with mint chutney. You can enjoy your favorite dish without compromising your health.

Fried Chicken- If you love gorging on chicken dishes, you can easily prepare them using the high-end food processor by Glen. Just prepare the chicken with required marination and add corn cereal and crackers to make it a little crunchy. You can use a food processor to mix all the spices well. After marinated chicken is ready, use the high-end oven toaster grill to grill chicken as per your taste. You can grill it to rare or medium as per your liking.

Kebabs- If you are a foodie, but at the same time health-conscious, you can cook tasty vegetable or chicken or mutton kebabs and grill them instead of frying them. This way, you will not have to use too much oil and ensure that your health goals do not go haywire. You can also use Contact Grill by Glen for this purpose.

Steamed Momos– If you love gorging on Chinese fare, especially momos, use a high-end steamer to steam momos of your choice. You can prepare both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian momos using this kitchen appliance. It not only proves to be a healthy option but also results in a tasty delicacy that is sure to tingle your tastebuds.

With technology continuing to advance at a steady pace, working in kitchen has become hassle-free and food aficionados have found a way to enjoy their favorite dishes without stressing about their health. They can continue with their health regimen and make the optimal use of these state of the art kitchen appliances offered by some of the top brands, like Glen to cook an extensive range of delectable dishes. Now, you will not have to lose your heart when the monsoon arrives this year as you will be able to prepare all those dishes that you love to enjoy in this season.

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