Now A Built In Hob, For Faster Cooking

The Modern Kitchens are equipped with advanced and voguish appliances to make them look ultra stylish and work super efficient. Following the trend the built in hobs is capturing a valuable space in every Indian kitchen. This stylish glass hob, not only enhance the interiors of your kitchen but the durability and easy handling makes it a thing to posses. But, this being a European concept the biggest disadvantage which built in hobs have faced is that these Hobs are generally equipped with Single Ring of Flame, sealed burners which give a low flame so it takes longer time to cook in comparison to the normal Indian burners in the normal free standing Gas Stoves.

The Indian cooking requires more heat and thus more flame, considering our fondness towards foods which require deep frying or longer time to cook. Indian homemakers are used to a double ring flame in burners for quicker and efficient cooking. Hence despite their elegant design these European sealed burners of built in hobs are considered less favourable because they are slow and consume more time for cooking.But now this disadvantage has been diligently outworked as SABAF of ITALY has developed Double Ring Burners which are specially designed to favour Indian Cooking.

Glen India has always been a step ahead in introducing advanced innovations for efficient and smarter kitchens. Glen is proud to introduce the built-in hobs with the SABAF Double Ring Burners in many configurations.These have been specially designed and developed in ITALY to meet the demands of Indian Kitchen. The all new Glen Built in hobs have one triple ring burner for much faster cooking and other burners are double ring burners for regular cooking with much better results. The efficacious double ring burner produces double ring of flames in each burner, thus one can enjoy faster and proper cooking because of high flame. The Triple ring burner is also provided when more heat is required in a short time like for deep frying. The ergonomic metal knobs are sturdy and strong and give a firm grip to your handling. The cast iron pan supports can accommodate heavy vessels with a firm balance. The glass used is 8.0 mm toughened for extra safety.

The objective of the invention is to propose a double ring burner of an improved type, with a structure designed to impart a degree of safety in keeping with modern requirements. So let the GEN X kitchens get introduced to this new concept of contemporary cooking on these advanced Italian built in hobs designed for Indian cooking and serve the tasty delicacies every day.

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