Oil Filled Radiator Heaters and their utility in your home this winter!

Winters are on the verge to give chilly experience and before you get alarmed with a thought that what devices you need to grab before winter knocks your door, here is all that you need to know about the most effective and advantageous product that would give you warmth and comfort like no other. Oil Filled Room Heaters commonly known as OFR by Glen India are heaters that use hot oil present in the heater to make surroundings inside the room warm without burning any oxygen present in the room. OFR Heaters by Glen work on the indirect heating as these heat oil running in the fins electrically and then the air passing through the hot fins and get heated up indirectly and thus give the natural warmth in the cold winters without burning any oxygen and moisture. This results in no chapped skin and dryness in the air. These safe-to-use heaters are certified by ISI.
Heaters are one very common source of comfortable heating of home that we resort to every winter but we rarely know that common heaters reduce the oxygen in the room and cause dryness in the room which is not the case with OFR Heaters by Glen. Common heaters also emit gas which is a result of direct heating of the paints and plastic parts, but OFR Heaters are made in such a way that no fuel burning is involved in it making it a very environment friendly heater for homes. This is the reason that it neither reduce oxygen of the surrounding nor does it make the room dry. For quick and speedy heating, Glen OFR are fitted with PTC heaters Fan so initially the fan can be switched on which will heat the room faster and once the desired temperature is achieved the same can be switched off.Unlike common room heaters, it is very easy and convenient to move these OFR heaters by Glen as it is provided with an in-built handle and also has castor wheels for moving it easily.
So what else one could ask for this winter? OFR heaters by Glen India are environment friendly, easy to use, quick in providing uniform heating, easily movable and manufactured with high standards for extremely safety for the comfort and convenient use for your home. It would make heating of your home such an experience that you would welcome winters with elation and warmth every year like never before and would have an experience of coziness, calmness and comfort that you always wished to have in cold winters.

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