Oven Toaster Griller for Christmas and coming New Year

There are few who like cold winters and there some who do not, but if there is one way which makes sure that winter and especially cold evenings around this time of the yearbecomes pleasurable for everyone, then that is probably the tasty recipes that are hot, healthy and make the day filled with happiness. And if that is possible for you in the easiest way and that too with the use of just one device which can be used as an Oven, Toaster and Griller then what else can one ask for!
Glen Oven Toaster Grillers are exactly that apt appliance which can help you prepare the hot recipes with ease and convenient that you always desired for. As the name suggests, this versatile device can be used for baking, toasting and grilling.
It is India’s first full back convection oven that makes sure the uniform grilling and baking. The convection fan in it placed at the back which sends air through four corners so that the heat is distributed throughout the oven cavity. In this exceptional device, the food that you cook is cooked at the controlled temperature unlike other modes of cooking where the temperatures not in control making it sure that the food is healthier and tastier. But one thing is fabulous in OTG by Glen is the Motorized Rotisserie which makes you free from the task of turning the food again and again to cook it completely and perfectly. Rotisserie does this process automatically by the motor saving your time and energy of manually turning the food and this ultimately makes your cooking experience hassle free and very comfortable with the ease that you would love to have in the kitchen.
Glen Oven Toaster Grillers come in four sizes namely-GL 5060 – 60 liters, GL 5048 – 48 liters, GL 5030 – 30 liters & GL 5020 – 20 liters. These Turbo Convection enabled ovens have 60 minutes timer, thermostat for temperature control, motorized rotisserie, function selectors and oven light. The features may be different for different models.
Since cleaning of such devices after use quite often becomes messy and full of nuisances for the homemakers, these Oven Toaster Grillers are easy to clean keeping in mind the idea of giving comfort to the homemakers. Not only this, Glen OTG’s GL 5060 model which has 60 liters capacity is also enabled with one extraordinary feature which isits Self-Cleaningwalls. It has self-cleaning coating in the cavity. It cleans all the leftovers and the splashed food automatically which ultimately frees you from the difficulty of cleaning it in the cold winter days after whole great cooking and eating experience.
So now you can bake cakes and muffins to celebrate Christmas, you may toast sandwiches and burgers and you can also grill the hot delicacies in the cold winter evenings using this one in all Oven Toaster Griller by Glen. Grab it today and live the winters and the cold yet wonderful Christmas like you never did before.

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