Quick & Healthy recipes for Navratri

With the festive season of Navratri, it is time for both festivities and fasting. Many people observe fast for the nine days and prefer to eat only specific foods. Whether you are fasting or turned vegetarian for these days you can savor some quick & healthy recipes.

As the festival marks the seasonal changes, the immunity levels tends to get low, so you must focus on eating healthy immunity rich foods while fasting.

Apart from fruits, there are many other foods available in the market that are especially for Navratri. So, instead of buying ready-made items, why not prepare some healthy dishes at home? Here are the recipes that you can try quickly and without much efforts:

Kuttu ka dosa:

Move over the traditional rice & pulse dosa & try making dosa with kuttu ka atta. Kuttu is among the vrat friendly foods that is easily available everywhere.

Recipe: Mix kuttu ka atta, rock salt, chilli powder & finely chopped green chillies. Add water to make batter of dosa like consistency. Now, heat the Glen 3038 dosa maker and pour the batter to make a dosa. Serve hot with nariyal chutney.

Roasted Makhana:

Makhana are considered as power nuts, they not only satiate your hunger pangs but are healthy too. And not to forget, roasting makhana’s enhance their flavor & aroma.

Recipe: Take a bowl full of makhana’s, add sendha namak & black pepper & add a teaspoon of desi ghee. Mix well, transfer to Airfryer basket & roast. Keep shaking at regular intervals.

Also, you can make French fries and sweet potato wedges in Glen Airfryer.

P.S. Not just makhana’s you can also roast cashews, almonds and other nuts for quick snacking.

Sabudana & Aalu Cutlet:

These are among the most liked foods by everyone during navratri. Though, advance preparation is required but end result is delicious.

Recipe: Soak sabudana overnight & boil potatoes. Peel & mix boiled potatoes, sabudana, green chillies, salt, spices & fresh coriander. Make round cutlets. Preheat the Glen 3035 glass grill, apply some ghee and grill the cutlets from both side. Serve hot with chutney of your choice.

Using Glen glass grill, you can also prepare grilled fruit chat with the spice seasoning of your choice.

Samwat chawal dhokla:

If you are just making kheer with samwat chawal then we have another savory recipe for you. Try making out quick samwat Chawal dhokla with vrat ingredients.

Recipe: You will need roasted samwat chawal, sour yoghurt, ginger paste, chopped green chillies, rock salt, ghee. Mix all ingredients, add water if required and ferment overnight. Grease a bowl with ghee, pour the batter and place into the Glen Steamer, and let it cook for 20 minutes. Take out & serve hot after adding tampering.

Assorted Chutneys:

Apart from mains, chutneys are best accompaniments with various foods. Be it the coconut, peanuts, green coriander & mint or any other, you can prepare fresh chutneys in Glen 4048 N Active Blender in small quantities. But in case, if you want to prepare chutneys or in large quantity, then you must go for a mixer grinder with chutney jar.

Smoothies & Shakes:

If preparing smoothies seem to be a tedious task for you then you might not have come across Glen 4047 N electric blender. Yes, this compact personal blender allows you to make cold coffee, fruit shakes or smoothies, lassi and many more similar drinks quickly without much efforts.

These were the basic recipes that you can make anytime while fasting. Don’t forget to eat fresh, healthy & stay happy. Happy Navratri!

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