Range of Auto Clean chimneys with BLDC Motor from Glen

For over 2 decades Glen has been manufacturing a wide variety of chimneys especially suited for Indian Cooking. The range includes Island hoods, Straight line, Split, Auto clean and Designer chimneys to suit every kitchen and requirement of customers.

First time in India, Glen Introducing Heat Auto Clean Chimneys with BLDC motor available in different sizes with variable speeds and suction capacity.

About BLDC Motor: Brushless DC Motor is made without the brushes with the result it has a longer life, it produces low heat, and it creates lower noise.  These type of motors are smaller in size & allows variable speed selection as per requirement.

Features of Auto clean Chimney with BLDC Motor:

  • Motion Sensor Touch controls: The intelligent touch controls with gesture control, so just movement of the hand and the chimney operates.
  • The high suction 1400m3/h: With powerful suction, the smoke & oil particles gets sucked out immediately and the kitchen environment remains free of smoke and grime.
  • Filter less technology:  With next generation heat auto clean technology, the absence of filters ensure higher airflow and lower maintenance.
  • Oil collector tray: the stainless steel oil collector tray collects the grease & oil particles and ensures hassle free cleanup.
  • Turbo Exhaust: The chimney also has a provision that when put on this mode the chimney will run on the highest speed and in case of any blockage in the system the same will be removed.
  • Heat Auto Clean: The chimney comes with heat auto clean technology with controlled temperature which heats the housing and melts the deposited oil so that it drips down to the oil collector. Cleans the chimney.

Get Digital Thermometer free on purchase of Auto clean chimneys:

On purchase of Glen Auto clean chimneys, get an Infrared Digital Thermometer absolutely free. This contactless infrared thermometer can be used for measuring body & object temperatures accurately. All you need to do is just aim & push the button to get the measurement. It uses infrared technology to measure forehead or surface temperature, with a quick response time.

Auto Clean Chimney Models with BLDC Motor:

CH 6074: This vertical glass filter less chimney is designed to give a classic yet elegant look to your kitchen. It comes with motion sensor controls & 10 speed BLDC motor. This auto clean chimney also has a feature of eliminating stale air when turned on at low speed at a very low noise. Its strong 1400m3/h suction throws away smoke from pans to outdoor and ensures that the kitchen is odor free and the walls are clean of any grime. This model is available in three sizes – 60, 75 & 90cm.

CH 6061: This auto clean chimney has curved glass in a perfect union with black body. It comes with motion sensor controls to switch on/off the chimney & increase speed. Being a filter less chimney, it eliminates the need to clean filters. The 9 speed BLDC motor allows full control without any hassles. Having 1200 m3/h suction power, this chimney effectively throws away all smoke & odors from your kitchen.

CH 6067: If you are looking for stylish chimney, then this model is for you! This filter less auto clean chimney flaunts all black looks adding a new dimension to your kitchen. It has touch controls with motion sensor to on/off & increase/decrease speed as per your cooking requirement. It also has a special feature of ‘stir fry’ where you can directly run the chimney on the highest speed when you are doing stir fry cooking.

Apart from the mentioned models, Glen offers other auto clean chimneys with BLDC motor that you may check out. In case of right selection or any queries, feel free to connect with our sales team by dialing 9717156666 or you can also write to enquiry@glenindia.com for assistance.

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