Monsoon Magic- Enjoy Pakodas with ZERO FAT

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With the rhythmic sound of the raindrops dripping outside, the only craving that gives a shout out is to have ‘pakodas’. Indian taste buds refuse to settle down during the monsoon season without having pakodas. Pakodas, however involve a lot of frying which in turn demands the use of excess oil hence affecting the health in a major way. Calorie intake must always be kept under control and with deep fried items, control is seldom possible. This is where the Air Fryer makes its entry. One of the innovative technologies that has taken the kitchen world by storm, this new kitchen appliance has such amazing parameters which has all pros and no cons.

The electric air fryer is used to fry things the same way that one fries items in the oil. French fries, chicken nuggets, smileys, snacks or pakodas; all of theseitems can be fried in the air fryer without using any oil at all. The phenomenon by which the food is fried in the process is that the air is superheated that leads to frying the food items turning them into the beautiful golden colour without the usage of any oil! Research has clearly showed that frying in the air fryer cuts down calories by as much as 80%. Thus, it can be very clearly and affirmatively confirmed that air fryer is a valuable invention of the century that is here to do good to the human race and that too for a very long time indeed.

With the air fryer being the latest entry into the kitchen arena, why not enliven this monsoon season with delicacies that the taste buds would kill for. As mentioned earlier, pakodas are an Indian favourite and barely does anyone exists who hates pakodas, especially in the monsoon season. Pakodas, though a favourite during the drizzling period, yet it is a popular item that can be witnessed in the Indian houses throughout the entire year. In order to make pakodas, you need not be a master chef for it is one of the simplest recipes one can ever get. Pakodas are basically Indian fritters which can be made from any kind of vegetables. It is crunchy, crispy and of course spicy that tingles the mouth and gives an essence of food happiness! Nothing can beat the taste of ‘chai pakoda’ (tea and pakodas) on a cold rainy day biting on to those delicacies while staring at the rain outside with the loved ones.

The different types of pakodas you can make in the air fryer are paneer pakoda, palak (spinach) pakoda, chicken pakoda, onion pakoda, fish pakoda and potato pakoda amongst others. Glen India present to the Indian market, air fryers which have been thoroughly checked to suit the needs of the Indian kitchen and make it one of the most crucial appliances in the kitchen. At reasonable rates, the air fryer is one commodity that must be in the kitchen in order to have the most delicious food, maintaining the best health simultaneously.

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