Selecting a Room Heater:Please be sure is it burning the Oxygen in the room?

With the winters on its peak in North this year and as per weathermen going to continue further, you must be looking for a room heater if not bought already. With the cold breeze blowing, all you want to do is stay inside and curl up in a shawl or Quilt. When simply staying indoors is not enough, it becomes important to have a heater in the room in order to warm up the environment and let you have a sound sleep without shivering. Heaters of various brands are available in the market today. However, you must be careful and informed well enough to pick up only the best for yourself as it is extremely important to have some information about a product before purchasing it for using purpose. Room heater is a scientific boon and its usage in the winters is definitely worth all the comfort.
Glen India has been manufacturing exceptional products in the category of home Appliances and has awide range of room heaters. These room heaters have been designed by a team of experts keeping in mind the convenience of the customers. With professional excellence and integrity, the team of Glen India with advanced technology has successfully brought out the best heaters in market that is of top notch quality and yields results more than satisfactory. The heaters control the temperature and at the same time is not a hazard to health and environment. While buying a room heater one must consider the pros and cons of it and only after proper research work must he finalize on the product.
Glen room heaters are available both online and offline for easy accessibility by the customers. It has two different varieties of room heaters namely: OFR heaters and PTC heaters. So, what are OFR heaters? These are Oil Filled Radiator heaters that are actually convection room heaters that electrically heat the oil, thus acting as a heat reservoir. These OFR heaters are very safe for they only generate heat by transferring heat rapidly into the room. It is not only environment friendly but also human friendly! Using an OFR heater neither burns any oxygen affecting the air around nor does it cause any kind of dryness in the room. These heaters are very efficient and long lasting as well. PTC heaters on the other hand are technologically more advanced room heater which use ceramic stones to heat up and spread the heat around in a much lesser time and speedy manner. The best thing about PTC room heaters is that it never surpasses its set temperature, thus there is no risk of the temperature shooting up. Due to this, the efficiency of the heater is high and also saves power majorly. Team Glen India manufactures power efficient and compact PTC room heaters that is available online for delivery all over India. These room heaters have been designed and manufactured considering both the human health and the environment.

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