Shake n Take with Glen I-Blender

Now making delicious smoothies, health shakes becomes much easy. For the shakes and smoothie lovers, Glen introduces a one touch handy solution, I blender GL 4047. Innovation in the world of small appliances, Glen I Blender GL 4047 is compact and efficient.

Ideal for protein shakes and smoothies, this blender bottle is the perfect size to carry around with you. Now you can have your protein shake at work or the gym. All you need to do is fill I blender with fresh fruits or vegetables and get delicious beverages ready with the push of a button. Just detach it, replace the blade assembly with cap and carry it with you to sip along the way.

Just blend and go, it is as easy as it sounds. With powerful 350 W Motor, it blends anything in a jiffy. The fine blending lets you enjoy the tasty strawberry smoothies, banana shake, protein shakes every day. The blend, carry and sip bottle, is easy to take away so that you can carry your health drink easy for office or gym. You can simply pack the same along with your kid’s lunch-box, so that they do not miss their favourite shakes while off to school or they are playing. The colourful sporty bottle is BPA free and thus does not possess any food contamination threat. Food grade silicon seal makes it even much safer to use. The 600 ml capacity of the bottle is sufficient for one person.

Not just this, you can buy extra bottles, one for each family member so that all can enjoy the drinks. It is perfect for smaller preparations and servings and doesn’t take much of a space in your kitchen. Start fresh, start healthy, and just blend your lifestyle the right way with Glen I Blender 4047.

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