Six Healthy Gift Ideas for Christmas

Here comes the time of the year when people are getting into the celebration mood once again. Welcoming the Santa Clause and spreading happiness by giving gifts, saying bye – bye to 2018 and welcoming of the new year 2019.

This is the time when people brave the winter breeze and move out to shop gifts for the near and dear ones. In a time like this we suggest you some gifting ideas which enhances the health and life of the recipient of the gifts.

Glen Bread Maker – SA 3034

In winters the standard breakfast is a preparation of eggs with a war, crisp toast, now if this toast is made from a homemade freshly baked bread in Glen bread maker then that is the epitome of health. As the bread is baked overnight from fresh ingredients in most hygienic way and as per the required taste. It can be an ideal gift for your own home or for a near dear one.

Glen Contact Grill – SA 3037

Whether you want to make open face grill sandwiches, or a Steak, grill fish or Paneer all this is possible with almost no oil in Glen Contact Grill. Instead of having fried food all the time this is a  healthier option. Many of us are already shifting to Grilled food and this Glen Contact grill makes it easier for everyone to try new healthier options every day.

Glen Steam Cooker – SA 3051 

We all know that steam cooking helps to retain higher levels of nutrients than any other form of cooking. Now a days when everyone is running after fast food may be because of taste or shortage of time, in case one can at least make 1-2 dishes on a daily basis with the help of Glen Steam Cooker it helps in reducing the intake of fat and also gives a healthier and more nutritious food. Glen Steam Cooker comes with three chambers for multiple cooking and also a rice bowl to make rice also. With this one can make the entire meal in one go. The food is hygienic and healthy so this can be a very good gift for any one.

Glen Electric Tandoor – SA 5014

Another healthier option of cooking is our traditional way for Roasting/Toasting/Grilling in Clay Tandoors. Now the same benefits of Tandoori cooking are available by Glen Electric Tandoor. It’s a stainless steel tandoor which runs on electricity and helps you to make Tandoori Paneer Tikka, or Roast Sweet Potatoes, make Tandoori fish or chicken tikka, make tandoori Roti/Nan/Kulcha. You name any tandoori dish and its possible. This is something which again helps you to cook many dishes either with Zero oil or negligible oil.

Glen Slow Cold press Juicer – SA 4018

Its time of the year when the fresh carrots, beetroots and many leafy vegetables are available quite cheap. And this is the time when one can make vegetable juice and serve to the entire family. What better way than using a Glen Slow Cold Press Juicer for this. It has a big feeding tube capable of taking full apple or orange and is very convenient to use. The cold press process of the juicer doesn’t cut the fruits or vegetables and takes out the juice by squeezing process thus retaining most of the vitamins and enzymes.

Glen Air Purifier – SA 6031

We have talked of 5 ideas on the healthy eating but another area of health concern is the air we breathe as all of us know that the quality of air during winters is quite bad I many parts of India so in case you are in any of these areas even an Air Purifier can be a good gift for the health and well-being of the recipient of the gift. Glen has three models of Air Purifiers to suit every room size and budget and one can be suitable for your requirement also.

The above 6 ideas of gifting to your loved ones are concerned with the health and well being of the person we want to give gift and these gifts will be cherished by the recipient for long years to come.

Wishing you a  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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  • Disha Shengale

    Thanks for sharing information about Air purifier. I am looking for an air purifier and this blog helps me to choose efficient air purifier for me.

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