Stainless Steel Cooktop

Glen India offers you unmatchable freedom when it comes to choosing a cooking appliance. Glen cooktops come with an array of models. Designed for enhanced access and space economy; the stainless steel cooktops come with two, three, four or five cooking zones. You can also pick the number of burners according to your needs- triple ring, high flame, sealed, aluminum alloy or conventional. Also, there are options for sizes: 60, 70 or 90 cm, so that you get the designer stainless steel cooktop which fits best for your counter space. Whether you want a traditional square shape or modern round, stainless steel or matt steel finish; you get what you prefer.

Alloy burners
Pressure die-cast, ultra light burners increase the longevity of the cooktop. The holes in the burner rim are designed at a special angle for higher thermal efficiency. Moreover the burners come with five-year warranty.

Brass Burner
The ISI marked Gas Stoves are fitted with Brass Burners. The brass burners can take higher temperatures and has been used traditionally in the Gas Stoves.

Auto ignition Option
Glen cooktops come with multi-spark battery operated auto-ignition option, so that you don’t have to search for a lighter every time you cook.

Triple Ring Burner
Triple Ring Burner gives three rings of flames and is used whenever the requirement of high energy is required in a short span, like frying, saute etc.

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