Make Grill food in minutes, with Low oil

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The highs of our lives now begin with the word LOW”, Low Sugar, Low Calories, Low FAT. The fast pace of our day activities often make us compromise on all of these. Thus we are getting more prone to health problems like high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity thereby resulting hypertension and other deadly diseases. In order to have a healthy life we all opt for paying heavy amounts at gyms and dietitians. A regime which is often very strict and difficult to adopt regularly, hereby we end up giving up all of our hopes.

But not now, as a “Low Oil Grilled Food Diet”, which has been said to be the most delicious, nutritious and a fat free is available to you in minutes. By choosing foods that are low in fat, high in nutrients and full of flavor you can get great meals that are also healthy. This all must sound like a rumor to you, as we know that the conventional grilling methods are also painful subscriptions to our daily routine. A solution to this is, the new stylish, compact and reliable Glass Grill, which is now available in markets to serve to your all barbecue cravings.

Make Grill food in minutes, with Low oil

Glass Grill any day is a smarter option over conventional grills, as it is easy, compact and lets you cook in leisure. It comes in a Stainless Steel body and handles for easy handling and a toughened glass top which has carbon fiber heating elements beneath. The efficient infrared heating method heats the glass quickly and its vertical direct heating makes a properly cooked grilled food. The carbon fiber heating elements inside the grill operate at 800 W and this directly transfers the heat to the food. Thus the food preparation is simple, fast and effortless. Cook the chicken steak directly on the ceramic glass at the right temperature which goes up till 250 degrees and you can control the temperature as well.

Due to the pore-free and sealed ceramic glass grilling surface, very minimal fat is required. While you cook your chicken, the fat doesn’t drip off unlike the old grills; in fact the flat bed glass uses that released fat as an oil medium to cook the same. Vitamins and minerals are not drawn out; foods retain their natural flavor and remain juicy and tender. This makes it possible to have a mellow, nutritive and low on fat grilled chicken effortlessly. As you cook your chicken in just a pinch of oil, you can make a healthy grilled chicken sandwich and add it to your daily breakfast menu. Enjoy some popular grilled food items which include grilled paneer, grilled meat, marinated grilled vegetables, smoked sausage, grilled chicken, roasted fish and grilled mushroom dishes. It would be rather better to say that with a little imagination and clever use of ingredients, you can device your own ways of cooking healthy grilled food. Add all the peppers, flavors and sauces and eat them without any tensions as you are eating all your favorite veggies and proteins almost fat free. So switch to healthy grilled food if you really want to relish a good taste while not compromising on your health!

Easy & Quick

Whether you are a working women or a homemaker, you and your loved ones can now enjoy a healthy meal, to accompany a healthy lifestyle habits. If you thought dieting was a curse to your taste buds and was all about being hungry, then nothing can be better than a glass grill. Prepare healthy, oil free and tasty proportions for your day and enjoy them with all the flavors. The bottom line is that grilling is better alternative than frying foods especially vegetables, chicken and meat. The taste and nutritive content of chicken can be enjoyed the best in the form of snacks or fast food with healthy grilled food options such as grilled sandwiches, grilled chicken salads and grilled Panini. No more extra layers of oil, no more hassled operating of the equipment and no more burnt food, these entire features make a glass grill an easy appliance. A glass grill is a portable appliance with an elegant finish and modish design. You can simply keep it at any place with a power socket without worrying about your décor to be interrupted. Since it emits no fumes and toxins, it can be easily used indoors and is much hygienic and healthy option. Everything about this product is all about safety and healthy taste, thus making it a modern necessity. A dynamic and opulent appliance with exquisite features is what a Glass Grill is about. The scraper along with this product lets you change the position of the food timely and hence cooks it uniformly. Scrap out all the leftover oil or sticky food chunks onto the detachable and easy to clean spill tray. Also clean it simple and in minutes by just pouring the water on heated glass and scrapping out the residues. So don’t wait and buy a perfect answer to all your health worries and feel happy with the all new FIT YOU.

Endorse a healthy Living as Glen introduces a revolutionary new product in the world of cooking with its efficient Glen Glass Grill 3035. This is a new magnificent grilling device over traditional grills discovered after a lot of research and tests, and is more safe and succulent.

It comes with a 12 setting temperature control knob for a better and uniform cooking uptil 250 degrees and with 800 W infrared power. This Glen Glass Grill comes in a Stainless Steel body and a black colored ceramic Glass which is scratch resistant.

This is a perfect substitute to your tiring Gym schedules, as you can make a mouth watering grill diet everyday and in minutes, be it roast chicken salad or a grill fish.

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