The Magic of Glen Active Blend 4048

Blending and Grinding, being an integral part of cooking in the kitchen supports every homemaker in the kitchen. Everyone is looking for a small Blender-Grinder which is easy to use, fast to work and gives best results with utility which one can rely on. But absence of such an appliance in the kitchen hampers the ease of homemakers and also adds to their problem. Keeping in mind such nuisances faced by ladies in the kitchen, Glen India has introduced Active Blend a magic appliance which not only lessen the workload but is also easy to use giving an utmost ease and which suffices many needs in the kitchen. Active Blend by Glen is made in a way that it blends and grinds all the ingredients that you wish to in a super quick process. This compact Blender Grinder is multi-purpose and comes with two interchangeable jars which is a great offer that frees you from the difficulty of using the same jar for various cooking purposes.

Jars, blades and other features are very important to consider while bringing Blender Grinder home so that it doesn’t add problems to the cooking that needs ease and convenience. Glen India, in order to cater that comfortable desire of every homemaker has brought Blender Grinder which has Two Interchangeable Unbreakable Transparent Food Grade Jars so that they can be used for different cooking recipes on one hand and on the other hand are durable and do not break-making it a very desirable supporter for the kitchen. These Jars can also be used for storage with fixing a cap.These jars are designed keeping in the mind the health needs of people today.

This super valuable Blender Grinder does both Dry and Wet grinding as it comes with two interchangeable blades making it convenient to grind anything that makes your cooking more tasty and delicious than ever. With Lid and Seasoning Cap, completing this wonderful Blender Grinder, it has Push Button Switch and is so easy to use that it will definitely make cooking an easier experience than before and also a fast one. Two years of warranty of this appliance makes it even more coveted and perfect for every kitchen so that no one using it ever come across any type of hassled experience or messy kitchen.

So be it making dry seasoning for your delicacies or making wet gravy for your perfect dinner, Glen Multifunction Active Blender Grinder is something that keeps every homemaker happy and carefree, making every kitchen and every home a place where perfect taste and flawless recipes do not only get prepared but leaves a taste which is unforgettable and lasts forever.

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